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Paul Krugman writes a column for the New York Times.

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Commentary: Wall Street vampires Commentary: Wall Street vampires
21 weeks ago - - PAUL KRUGMAN
Last year the vampires of finance bought themselves a Congress. I know it’s not nice to call them that, but I have my reasons. [Read More]
Commentary: Triumph of the unthinking Commentary: Triumph of the unthinking
21 weeks ago - - PAUL KRUGMAN
“Words,” wrote John Maynard Keynes, “ought to be a little wild, for they are the assault of thoughts on the unthinking.” I’ve always loved that quote, and have tried to apply it to my own writing. But I have to admit that in the long slump that followed the 2008 financial crisis — a slum [Read More]
Commentary: Race, class and neglect Commentary: Race, class and neglect
22 weeks ago - - PAUL KRUGMAN
Every time you’re tempted to say that America is moving forward on race — that prejudice is no longer as important as it used to be — along comes an atrocity to puncture your complacency. [Read More]
Commentary: Leaven ideology with integrity Commentary: Leaven ideology with integrity
22 weeks ago - - PAUL KRUGMAN
The 2016 campaign should be almost entirely about issues. The parties are far apart on everything from the environment to fiscal policy to health care, and history tells us that what politicians say during a campaign is a good guide to how they will govern. [Read More]
Commentary: Nobody said that Commentary: Nobody said that
23 weeks ago - - PAUL KRUGMAN
Imagine yourself as a regular commentator on public affairs — maybe a paid pundit, maybe a supposed expert in some area, maybe just an opinionated billionaire. [Read More]
Commentary: The zombies of '16 campaign Commentary: The zombies of '16 campaign
23 weeks ago - - PAUL KRUGMAN
Last week, a zombie went to New Hampshire and staked its claim to the Republican presidential nomination. Well, OK, it was actually Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey. But it’s pretty much the same thing. [Read More]
Commentary: Greece on the brink Commentary: Greece on the brink
24 weeks ago - - PAUL KRUGMAN
“Don’t you think they want us to fail?” That’s the question I kept hearing during a brief but intense visit to Athens. [Read More]
Commentary: That old-time economics Commentary: That old-time economics
24 weeks ago - - PAUL KRUGMAN
BRUSSELS — America has yet to achieve a full recovery from the effects of the 2008 financial crisis. Still, it seems fair to say that we’ve made up much, though by no means all, of the lost ground. [Read More]
Commentary: Parties are key, not personalities Commentary: Parties are key, not personalities
25 weeks ago - - PAUL KRUGMAN
So Hillary Clinton is officially running, to nobody’s surprise. And you know what’s coming: endless attempts to psychoanalyze the candidate, endless attempts to read significance into what she says or doesn’t say about President Barack Obama. [Read More]
Commentary: Government excels Commentary: Government excels
25 weeks ago - - PAUL KRUGMAN
As Republican presidential hopefuls trot out their policy agendas — which always involve cutting taxes on the rich while slashing benefits for the poor and middle class — some real new thinking is happening on the other side of the aisle. [Read More]
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