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Paul Krugman writes a column for the New York Times.

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Commentary: Inequality is a drag Commentary: Inequality is a drag
37 weeks ago - - PAUL KRUGMAN
For more than three decades, almost everyone who matters in American politics has agreed that higher taxes on the rich and increased aid to the poor have hurt economic growth. [Read More]
Commentary: Obama's other success Commentary: Obama's other success
38 weeks ago - - PAUL KRUGMAN
Like Obamacare, financial reform is working a lot better than anyone listening to the news media would imagine. [Read More]
Commentary: Knowledge isn't power Commentary: Knowledge isn't power
38 weeks ago - - PAUL KRUGMAN
One of the best insults I’ve ever read came from Ezra Klein, who now is editor in chief of In 2007, he described Dick Armey, the former House majority leader, as “a stupid person’s idea of what a thoughtful person sounds like.” [Read More]
Commentary: Corporate artful dodgers Commentary: Corporate artful dodgers
39 weeks ago - - PAUL KRUGMAN
In recent decisions, the conservative majority on the Supreme Court has made clear its view that corporations are people, with all the attendant rights. [Read More]
Commentary: Comeback disproves doomsayers Commentary: Comeback disproves doomsayers
39 weeks ago - - PAUL KRUGMAN
The states, Justice Louis Brandeis famously pointed out, are the laboratories of democracy. And it’s still true. [Read More]
Commentary: Newsflash -- Fiscal panic has fizzled Commentary: Newsflash -- Fiscal panic has fizzled
40 weeks ago - - PAUL KRUGMAN
For much of the past five years readers of the political and economic news were left in little doubt that budget deficits and rising debt were the most important issue facing America. [Read More]
Commentary: Addicted to inflation Commentary: Addicted to inflation
40 weeks ago - - PAUL KRUGMAN
The first step toward recovery is admitting that you have a problem. That goes for political movements as well as individuals. [Read More]
Commentary: Obamacare fails to fail Commentary: Obamacare fails to fail
41 weeks ago - - PAUL KRUGMAN
How many Americans know how health reform is going? For that matter, how many people in the news media are following the positive developments? [Read More]
Commentary: Who wants a depression? Commentary: Who wants a depression?
41 weeks ago - - PAUL KRUGMAN
One unhappy lesson we’ve learned in recent years is that economics is a far more political subject than we liked to imagine. Well, duh, you may say. [Read More]
Commentary: Beliefs, facts and money Commentary: Beliefs, facts and money
42 weeks ago - - PAUL KRUGMAN
On Sunday, The Times published an article by the political scientist Brendan Nyhan about a troubling aspect of the current American scene — the stark partisan divide over issues that should be simply factual, like whether the planet is warming or evolution happened. [Read More]
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