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Sam Kusic is a staff writer for The Indiana Gazette.

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Couple weds at drive-in -- '50s style Couple weds at drive-in -- '50s style
85 weeks ago - - SAM KUSIC
CARROLLTOWN — Stephen Ross has some good memories of drive-in movie theaters from over the years. The best one though? [Read More]
Future cloudy for WyoTech Future cloudy for WyoTech
85 weeks ago - - SAM KUSIC
The corporate parent of WyoTech, a for-profit automotive trade school with a campus in Burrell Township, said on Thursday that it is in danger of running out of cash and could go out of business. [Read More]
Man agrees to plea in hit-for-hire plot Man agrees to plea in hit-for-hire plot
85 weeks ago - - SAM KUSIC
A man accused of trying to hire someone to kill his wife waived his case to court on Thursday as part of a plea agreement with prosecutors. [Read More]
BLAIRSVILLE: Borough council discusses recycling change
86 weeks ago - - SAM KUSIC
BLAIRSVILLE — On the recommendation of borough manager Tim Evans, council on Tuesday agreed to consider alternatives to the borough’s recycling program, if not end it altogether. [Read More]
MARION CENTER: School directors weigh higher tax increase MARION CENTER: School directors weigh higher tax increase
86 weeks ago - - SAM KUSIC
MARION CENTER — Marion Center Area administrators have asked the school board to approve a tax increase that’s slightly higher than the one called for under the district’s tentative budget. [Read More]
WHITE TOWNSHIP: Supervisors approve paving, rain garden
86 weeks ago - - SAM KUSIC
White Township supervisors have decided to pave the parking lot at the township’s Indian Springs Road municipal building, and along with it, are installing a public demonstration project meant to illustrate the benefits of a “rain garden.” [Read More]
Federal lawsuit filed against Degenkolb
86 weeks ago - - SAM KUSIC
A former Indiana County employee is suing her boss and the county on grounds that her firing was an act of political retaliation. [Read More]
WHITE TOWNSHIP: Plans for new dialysis clinic near Indiana hospital reviewed
87 weeks ago - - SAM KUSIC
A nonprofit organization is planning to build a new, 10,000-square-foot dialysis clinic next to Indiana Regional Medical Center. [Read More]
Residents oppose planned drug rehab facility
87 weeks ago - - SAM KUSIC
Although there clearly is a need for a local addiction-treatment facility, the area around Yellow Creek State Park is not the proper place for one, several people told the Indiana County zoning hearing board on Tuesday. [Read More]
A SOBERING STORY: What to look for in treatment facility
88 weeks ago - - SAM KUSIC
Just as it’s a good idea to do some research before choosing a medical specialist, so it is for selecting a substance abuse treatment facility. [Read More]
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