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Sam Kusic is a staff writer for The Indiana Gazette.

Articles by SAM KUSIC

A SOBERING STORY: What to look for in treatment facility
156 weeks ago - - SAM KUSIC
Just as it’s a good idea to do some research before choosing a medical specialist, so it is for selecting a substance abuse treatment facility. [Read More]
A SOBERING STORY: Planning under way for new facility
156 weeks ago - - SAM KUSIC
A nonprofit organization is looking to convert a former personal care home into a residential drug treatment center. [Read More]
A SOBERING STORY: Other treatment efforts also taking shape
156 weeks ago - - SAM KUSIC
SpiritLife Inc.’s proposed treatment center is only one of several efforts that have sprung up locally in response to the area’s substance abuse problems. [Read More]
WHITE TOWNSHIP: Hoodlebug Trail extension to rec complex under consideration WHITE TOWNSHIP: Hoodlebug Trail extension to rec complex under consideration
156 weeks ago - - SAM KUSIC
Indiana County officials, along with their counterparts at IUP, Indiana Borough and White Township, are proposing to extend the Hoodlebug Trail to the White Township Recreation Complex. [Read More]
A Sobering Story: Mental illness, addiction often go hand in hand
157 weeks ago - - SAM KUSIC, JULIE MARTIN
Just as the body can suffer from more than one illness at a time, so, too, can the brain. [Read More]
A Sobering Story: Addict grateful for second chance at life
157 weeks ago - - SAM KUSIC
This version of Dan, the one who has a marriage and a job and a motorcycle, has come to realize that there is more to life, that there are second chances. [Read More]
A Sobering Story: Impact of addiction ripples through families
157 weeks ago - - SAM KUSIC, JULIE MARTIN
Addiction is a disease, but the person suffering from it isn’t the only one who feels its effects, according to Robert J. Ackerman, a former Indiana University of Pennsylvania professor and a nationally recognized addiction specialist. [Read More]
Glen Campbell man convicted of murder Glen Campbell man convicted of murder
157 weeks ago - - SAM KUSIC
A Glen Campbell man was convicted of second-degree murder and other crimes on Friday in the shooting death of James “Pork” Alexander. [Read More]
Local couples begin applying for licenses Local couples begin applying for licenses
157 weeks ago - - SAM KUSIC
Having been with her partner for 19 years, Karen Brown figures her upcoming wedding will be more of a celebration of recommitment than a celebration of a new commitment. [Read More]
$4,000 in tax receipts missing, auditor finds
158 weeks ago - - SAM KUSIC
BLAIRSVILLE — The three taxing bodies that were served by Blairsville Borough’s former tax collector collectively are short $4,003.15 in their 2013 tax receipts. [Read More]
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