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Sam Kusic is a staff writer for The Indiana Gazette.

Articles by SAM KUSIC

A SOBERING STORY: Family, friends must guard against enabling
161 weeks ago - - SAM KUSIC
When it comes to addiction, good intentions of friends and family are sometimes bad medicine. [Read More]
A SOBERING STORY: 'The drugs become the value'
161 weeks ago - - SAM KUSIC
The behaviors associated with addiction are ugly. [Read More]
A SOBERING STORY: Now sober, teen looks to rebuild his life
161 weeks ago - - SAM KUSIC
Mark’s habit began with a bit of marijuana. It progressed to heavy abuse of alcohol, party drugs and sleep aids. [Read More]
A SOBERING STORY: Some users can mask their problem
161 weeks ago - - SAM KUSIC
Oftentimes, the symptoms of alcohol or substance abuse are obvious. But sometimes, those with a problem are able to conceal it. [Read More]
A Sobering Story: Son's addiction becomes a nightmare for mother
162 weeks ago - - SAM KUSIC
The numbers and statistics, they say something about addiction. They tell us about its prevalence. Or its scope. Or its mechanisms. [Read More]
A Sobering Story: Early substance use increases risks
162 weeks ago - - SAM KUSIC
Genetics are a powerful factor in addiction, but so is the age at which substance use begins. The earlier that point occurs, specialists say, the more likely it is a person will progress to more serious abuse. [Read More]
A Sobering Story: Experts say genetics play key role in addictions A Sobering Story: Experts say genetics play key role in addictions
162 weeks ago - - SAM KUSIC
Addiction isn’t a problem of mind over matter. Really, it’s a matter of the mind. [Read More]
BLAIRSVILLE: Borough council moves to crack down on parking
162 weeks ago - - SAM KUSIC
BLAIRSVILLE — Parking scofflaws take note: Your time may be at an end in Blairsville. [Read More]
A Sobering Story: Addicts must confront their demons, experts say
163 weeks ago - - SAM KUSIC, JULIE MARTIN
To understand what alcoholism and drug addiction are, it’s necessary to first understand what they aren’t — a character flaw, a moral weakness, or a personal decision on the part of an inherently bad person. [Read More]
Addiction crushes a family, dreams
163 weeks ago - - SAM KUSIC
At some point long in the past, I took to answering middle-of-the-day phone calls from my mother by asking, demanding, actually, “What’s wrong now?” [Read More]
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