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Zeke Wilson is an outdoors writer for The Indiana Gazette. His columns appear Tuesday on the Outdoors page and in the Indiana County Area Sports section on The Indiana Gazette Online.

Articles by ZEKE WILSON

ZEKE WILSON: Fur gets Super boost
55 weeks ago - - ZEKE WILSON
The Super Bowl has little correlation to the great outdoors other than it was held outside this year. Like many viewers, I tuned in with little to no interest as to who would win. [Read More]
ZEKE WILSON: Gear in short supply
56 weeks ago - - ZEKE WILSON
The reality of recurring cold was evident in a recent attempt to stay warm. A search of local retailers revealed slim pickings in the way of gloves and thick socks. [Read More]
ZEKE WILSON: Time for indoor events
57 weeks ago - - ZEKE WILSON
Once again a cold front has fallen across the region, making outdoor adventure complicated. Modern gear will allow for comfort even in the bitter cold, although most prefer to stay inside. [Read More]
ZEKE WILSON: Coyote bounty makes no sense
60 weeks ago - - ZEKE WILSON
On the ride home yesterday from an Arkansas waterfowl hunt, I couldn’t help but tabulate the potential gas money for upcoming out of state trips. [Read More]
ZEKE WILSON: Activity in woods decreasing
62 weeks ago - - ZEKE WILSON
With the rifle season for deer now over, activity in the outdoors decreases dramatically. [Read More]
ZEKE WILSON: Weather perfect for hunting deer
63 weeks ago - - ZEKE WILSON
So far the deer season has offered the type of weather conditions most hope for. A beautiful cover of snow blanketed the county for the first day of antlerless deer season. [Read More]
ZEKE WILSON: Opportunities abound in fall outdoors
70 weeks ago - - ZEKE WILSON
It is the time of year when the possibilities of outdoor activities outweigh the hours in the day. [Read More]
ZEKE WILSON: Archers getting ready for season
76 weeks ago - - ZEKE WILSON
Archers are beginning to get into the swing of things with the opening day of deer season less than a month away. [Read More]
ZEKE WILSON: Doves come in Monday
78 weeks ago - - ZEKE WILSON
Monday marks the opening day for dove season, and at noon many will take to the fields in search of their quarry. [Read More]
ZEKE WILSON: Waterfowl seasons coming
79 weeks ago - - ZEKE WILSON
With the leaves beginning to show the first signs of reds and yellows, many in the outdoors are beginning to gear up. [Read More]
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