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Zeke Wilson is an outdoors writer for The Indiana Gazette. His columns appear Tuesday on the Outdoors page and in the Indiana County Area Sports section on The Indiana Gazette Online.

Articles by ZEKE WILSON

ZEKE WILSON: Getting out and about
49 weeks ago - - ZEKE WILSON
I am fortunate enough to work outdoors, and almost daily I am reminded of the amazing vegetation and wildlife. Sadly, many find themselves inside for the workday or live in urban areas. [Read More]
ZEKE WILSON: It's hard to get around
51 weeks ago - - ZEKE WILSON
Venturing outdoors now can be difficult, with vegetation impeding legs and eyes. [Read More]
ZEKE WILSON: Bass, groundhogs coming into view
52 weeks ago - - ZEKE WILSON
The Amish boat traffic on Route 85 on Saturday morning was a quick reminder that the opening day of bass season is fast approaching. [Read More]
ZEKE WILSON: What are the chances?
53 weeks ago - - ZEKE WILSON
Last week I took advantage of an in-season trout stocking late in the day and was met by some swift currents. [Read More]
ZEKE WILSON: Sighting stirs emotions
57 weeks ago - - ZEKE WILSON
On Monday I had the luck to witness three osprey fishing on Musser Lake. With binoculars it was impossible to follow the one raptor’s head-first dive from perhaps 50 yards above, but I could clearly see the footlong fish clutched in its talons as it flew away. [Read More]
ZEKE WILSON: Hopping into spring
59 weeks ago - - ZEKE WILSON
After a long day of landscaping and digging trees, the sun seemed to hang on the horizon for hours. Finally, as the day grew dark, I called it quits and headed for the house. [Read More]
ZEKE WILSON: Many will enjoy opening day of trout
60 weeks ago - - ZEKE WILSON
Trout season will open at 8 a.m. Saturday, and the weather forecast appears to be cooperating for an enjoyable day on the water. [Read More]
ZEKE WILSON: Time to gear up for trout season
62 weeks ago - - ZEKE WILSON
As the opening day of trout season approaches, the demand for fishing licenses naturally increases. The chances of waiting in line will rise in the weeks to come, but ordering online is always an option. [Read More]
ZEKE WILSON: Water to be stocked soon
63 weeks ago - - ZEKE WILSON
It is hard to believe, but the convoys of fish and boat commission tanker trucks are once again rolling. [Read More]
ZEKE WILSON: Time to move ahead
66 weeks ago - - ZEKE WILSON
This past weekend marked the end of most remaining hunting and trapping seasons. Coyotes, crows and groundhogs will be the only legal quarry until spring gobbler season. [Read More]
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