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The proposed budget shows revenues of $18,987,634 and expenditures of $20,081,541. A fund balance of $1,093,907 will be used to balance the budget. It also includes millage rates adjusted from market values provided by the State Tax Equalization Board. These rates will be 8.15 in Indiana County and 64.95 in Clearfield County.

The millage rate for Indiana County reflects a 0.01 mill decrease and Clearfield County reflects a 0.04 mill increase due to multi-county rebalancing. The result will be a total tax levy of $2,705,188.

This also takes into consideration the estimated homestead/farmstead subsidy, which has not yet been determined and the 89 percent estimated collection rate, the amount projected to be collected as real estate revenue is $2,436,856. The discount rates will be at 2 percent.

The district is also waiving the tax penalty period due to circumstances brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. The following taxes are also going to be assessed:

• Per capita (Sec. 679): $5

• Per Capita (Act 511): $5

• Occupational privilege: $10

• Earned income tax: 0.7 percent

• Real estate transfer tax: 0.5 percent

The board also unanimously approved the following items:

• The installment payment due dates for real estate taxes for 2020: First installment equal to 34 percent of face amount due Sept. 17, 2020; second installment equal to 33 percent of face amount due Nov. 5, 2020; and final installment equal to 33 percent of face amount due Dec. 3, 2020.

Delinquent installments will not be subject to a penalty.

• Moving the upcoming committee of the whole work session meeting from June 8 to June 15.

• The appointment of Sandra Fyock as a voting delegate for the PSBA delegate assembly meeting.

• Treasurer reports including the general fund financial report, which had a beginning balance of $7,027,143.90 and total cash and investments of $7,549,454.43; a capital reserve which began and ended with a balance of $953,478.58.

• Agenda bill payments for May totaling $361,302.89.

• The hiring of additional summer help in the cafeteria as part of the seamless summer meal waiver program with one to four people per day.

• A resolution that salaries for all extracurricular positions for the 2020-21 school year will be subject to proration based on COVID-19 restrictions and work performed.

• A memorandum of understanding with PLEA regarding the movement of two teacher work days from 2019-20 to professional development days in 2020-21.

• The hiring of Michael Shaffer and Chad Small as assistant football coaches for the 2020-21 school year.

• Tax Collector Exoneration for the collection of 2019 personal taxes. Delinquent taxes will be collected by Berkheimer.

• All school depositories for accounts involving check writing privileges and investment purposes for 2020-21 including: PA School District Liquid Asset Fund (PSDLAF), PA Local Government Investment Trust (PLGIT), Marion Center Bank, First Commonwealth Bank, First National Bank, and S&T Bank.

• A contract with Adelphoi Education Inc., for alternative education services for 2020-21 School Year as needed. Services include Behavioral Support and YES (Your Educational Success, Credit Recovery), $87.76/day (regular) and $96.61/day (special) and Day Treatment, $60.82/day (regular) and $66.89/day (special).

• A contract with Bayada Home Health Care Inc., for in-school nursing at $44 per hour.

• A contract for Dr. T. Clark Simpson as the school physician at $4,000 plus $35 for each student physical.

• A contract for Citizens’ Ambulance Service for $4,335.

• A partnership with Waterfront Learning to assist in the district implementation of a Hybrid Instructional Design Model and the creation and execution of a district wide cyber school, both of which will include staff training not to exceed $2,775.00. This will run through June 30, 2021, pending solicitor approval of the contract which will be released in June 2020 and further guidance from the Pennsylvania Department of Education as it relates to access to online resources.

• Approved the list of graduating seniors.

After the agenda items, Superintendent Shawn Ford thanked the team and all involved with the school’s meal distribution plan, acknowledging them and the hard work that they’ve done with the program: “Job well done, folks, that’s a lot of meals to deliver,” he said.

Ford also commented on the district’s plans for reopening.

“It’s a very diverse, very challenging task,” he said. There are plans underway with other school districts as well as the county, and there is a hope to have a plan to present at the June meeting.

However, nothing is set in stone. “There’s a lot of pieces and moving parts. As we plan one week, we get new information the next week that we have to readjust our plans for,” Ford said.

One of the first issues in this planning phase will be sending out a simple survey to the community to discern where families are when it comes to the pandemic and their willingness to send their children back to school. The survey is planned to be released later this week for families in the district.