indiana area senior high school totem sign

The Indiana school board on Monday handled some late personnel issues in preparation for the start of classes Thursday at the district schools.

At a special meeting, the board hired Megan Apjok as a para-educator at Eisenhower Elementary School, effective immediately at $12 an hour, subject to 90 days of probationary work and updated background clearances.

The directors voted to create a full-time speech and language teaching position requiring dual certification for the 2019-20 school year and directed the administration to post and advertise the position.

The directors accepted with regret the resignation of para-educator Jennifer Musser, effective Aug. 13, accepted a letter of resignation from para-educator Maria Tyger, effective Aug. 15, and accepted a resignation letter from certified school nurse Lisa Mazey, effective Aug. 16.

The vacancies will be advertised. The directors approved all items the brief agenda on votes of 8 to 0 with directors Walter Schroth, John Barbor, Julia Trimarchi Cuccaro, Tom Harley, Terry Kerr, Tamara Leeper, Ute Lowery and Doug Steve in favor. Barbara Barker was absent.

The Indiana board became the latest to vote on a resolution addressing legal aspects to the impending development and growth on the Indiana County Technology Center campus in northern White Township.

The same resolution has been put before the boards of the seven Indiana County school districts that share ownership and enrollment in ICTC.

The resolution eliminates the need for school boards at the seven participating districts

The document authorizes the technology center’s joint operating committee, composed of one member from each of the seven districts, to lease or sub-lease sections of the ICTC grounds, waive certain rights and consolidate the collective real estate interests “in order to avoid limitations or obstructions to the greater use and development of the ICTC site.”

The resolution eliminates the need for school boards at the seven participating districts to also approve the steps in development already approved by the ICTC board.

Plans and agreements are in various stages of approval for construction of a headquarters for Indiana County Conservation District, including offices and an environmental education center; classrooms and offices for Westmoreland County Community College’s Indiana County branch campus; and the Indiana County franchise of the Challenger Learning Center for space and science education for children and adults.

Construction has not begun in any of the projects; however, the Conservation District is the nearest to starting. ICCD has signed a land lease and has staked out the piece of ground where its new center is expected to be built.