white township sign

White Township’s board of supervisors is preparing to apply for money for the recreation complex, and to clear trees, including dead and diseased ones, from that complex.

At the board’s Wednesday meeting, a resolution was approved to seek a state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources grant for a playground and stormwater maintenance in a parking lot of the complex.

Also Wednesday, Mike Lawer of Millstone Land Management LLC in Marion Center discussed plans that will eventually lead to expanded use of a portion of the complex.

Previously, Millstone was awarded a contract to clear out invasive plant species on 29 acres of that complex. Lawer’s company also will seek out bidders to selectively remove trees, including dead and diseased trees, for reasons that include forest health and aesthetics.

In other business, the supervisors approved a $46,131.69 payment to Indiana Borough for sewage that is processed from along Wayne Avenue and Grant Street into the borough’s treatment plant.

Manager Milt Lady said the township will purchase another 200 tons of salt but still will run 200 tons short of the minimum it has to purchase for treating roads during what has been a winter with less than normal snowfall. Lady said the township will pay the salt supplier $3 per ton to store the excess salt.

Lady said bids will be opened April 22 for road repair materials, including stone and those used for seal coating and patchwork, as well as for unleaded gasoline and diesel fuel.

Also Wednesday, Assistant Manager Chris Anderson said PennDOT has approved a highway occupancy permit for the planned 50,000-square-foot expansion of the Indiana County Transit Authority maintenance complex along Rose Street.