COVID 19 coronavirus 16

Indiana University of Pennsylvania reported 49 cases of COVID-19 infection among the student body from Tuesday to Thursday, the university website reported Friday morning.

The figure brings to 136 the total number of coronavirus cases diagnosed on the campus community since Aug. 15.

IUP said 16 students have checked into the Delaney Hall dormitory for quarantine — 15 students with confirmed cases and one with apparent symptoms and a presumed infection.

It’s uncertain whether the new cases have been counted in the Pennsylvania Department of Health pandemic statistics for Indiana County.

Forty-nine is “The number of new cases reported to IUP by the Pennsylvania Department of Health during this reporting period. Depending on when an individual sought treatment, a report of a new confirmed case can come from the Department of Health to IUP at any time during an individual’s recovery period.”

Whether all the cases would be included in Indiana County figures also is unknown.

“Tests reported to IUP … use the address provided by the student at the time of testing to determine if they are within Indiana County or not. That address is self-reported and may be their local, on-campus or home address, depending on what individuals choose to provide,” the website reads.

The university releases new statistics on Tuesdays and Fridays.