COVID 19 coronavirus 11

Coronavirus cells in an electron microscope. 3D illustration

Instances of COVID-19 infection in Indiana County increased by about 4 percent in numbers collected Thursday by the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

The county’s total cases increased from 485 to 505 as of midnight Friday, the DOH announced on its website at noon Friday.

At the same time, the department said the total number of negative test results reached 7,982. The department logged 60 more negative tests in the report issued Friday.

The number of deaths of Indiana County residents from novel coronavirus remained at 11.

The health department made no distinction, in the figures posted Friday, of the number of infected people who have recovered and the number of active cases, although the department’s policy has been to consider patients with the illness to have recovered if they did not die within 30 days after being diagnosed.

A separate chart on the state website shows the total number of cases related to long-term care facilities such as personal care and nursing homes remained steady at 52, including 39 residents and 13 employees.

The number of novel coronavirus cases diagnosed in the Indiana University of Pennsylvania community has increased 130 percent since Monday.

The university reported on its website that 30 cases of COVID-19 infection were confirmed from Tuesday to Thursday and raised the total to 53 cases since the count began Aug. 15.

The total represents students, faculty and staff. The number identified in the last reporting period all are students, the university reported.

It is unclear whether the cases have been or will be included in the statistics published by the Pennsylvania Department of Health for Indiana County.

The accumulation differs from DOH figures for Indiana County in that the university includes only those for whom tests by the health department have confirmed the COVID-19 infection.

IUP statistics do not count as “probable” those students or staff who are symptomatic or those whose positive test results have not been reported to the state.

The DOH figures for the county include “probable” cases of people exhibiting symptoms of the disease. However, the “probable” cases reported by the state are not cumulative. The number rises or falls based on tests results that confirm or deny the actual infection.

The campus and county figures also cannot be compared because the county figures represent only Indiana County residents. The IUP figures include students whose positive test results are tallied among cases in the off-campus county where they live.

The campus numbers also are different from those released by DOH for Indiana County in that they identify the number of patients who have recovered from COVID-19 after spending 10 to 14 days in quarantine or isolation.

Statewide, 1,008 more cases were reported Friday, increasing the state’s total to 142,885. An additional 17 deaths were reported, bringing that total to 7,837. The state health department also reported that 30,855 tests were administered on Thursday, the most ever in one day.