clymer welcome sign

CLYMER — The annual water line flushing by Clymer Borough Municipal Authority will begin Tuesday.

The authority reminded residents to avoid doing laundry because of the chance of discoloration and low pressure during the maintenance work.

The authority reported that water service would be interrupted between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. during the periodic line flushing:

Tuesday: Walcott, Hancock and Morris streets between First and Sixth streets; First and Second streets and Hillside Drive

Wednesday: Morris, Franklin and Sherman streets between First and Sixth streets, and Sixth Street

Thursday: Sixth, Morris, Franklin and Sherman streets from Sixth to 10th streets

June 26: Sage and Rodney streets and Dixon Road (First and Second Sample Run)

June 27: Adams, Penn, Jefferson and Harrison streets and Dixon Road

Authority officials also cautioned customers that the water would have high levels of chlorine following the flushing operations.