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Crashes on state highways decrease

on April 03, 2013 10:50 AM

HARRISBURG — There were 1,310 people killed in crashes on Pennsylvania roads last year, the third-lowest number on record and 24 more than in 2011. Areas of highway safety, toughened by laws Gov. Tom Corbett has signed, also saw reductions in fatalities and crashes.

PennDOT data from police reports also show that there were 124,062 crashes on Pennsylvania roadways in 2012, a decrease from 125,322 in 2011 and fewer than the 144,542 Pennsylvania crashes 15 years ago.

In Indiana County, eight people were killed in 786 crashes last year; there were 16 fatalities reported on county roads in 2011.

“While highway fatalities increased last year, we’re encouraged that historically, deaths on our roadways are trending downward. However, our highway safety mission will continue,” Penn-DOT Secretary Barry J. Schoch said. “Each life lost on our highways is someone’s relative or loved one, and we keep that in the forefront of our minds when we pursue engineering, education and enforcement tactics aimed at keeping our roads safe.”

Following the December 2011 implementation of increased driving safety requirements for young drivers, fatalities in crashes involving a 16- or 17-year-old driver decreased to 44, 22 fewer than in 2011 and significantly fewer than the 133 such fatalities 15 years ago. The law increased behind-the-wheel training requirements, placed a limit on the number of passengers a young driver can transport and made not wearing a seat belt a primary offense for young drivers.

Fatalities in crashes involving a drinking driver decreased from 391 in 2011 to 377 in 2012, the lowest number in more than 10 years. There were 57 fatalities in crashes involving distracted drivers, a decrease from 59 in 2011.

Though many fatal crash categories saw fewer fatalities in 2012, there were increases in some areas. Fatalities in crashes involving drivers 65 or older increased from 244 in 2011 to 276 in 2012.

Pedestrian fatalities increased to 168 in 2012 from 149 in 2011, and motorcyclist fatalities increased to 210 from 199.

The lowest number of traffic fatalities ever recorded in Pennsylvania was 1,256 in 2009.

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