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From left, Rebecca Donahue and Andrew Tylinski have purchased the Bowser-Minich Funeral Home from Pamela Bowser-Minich and Michael Minich.

After 35 years, Bowser-Minich Funeral Home is under new ownership.

Michael Minich and Pamela Bowser-Minich have announced that their funeral home was sold to Rebecca Donahue and Andrew Tylinski, according to a news release.

“Pam and I have been truly blessed to have served thousands of families in Indiana County and surrounding communities,” Mike Minich said. “In 1986, we started at the ground level. We had a fresh new vision for funeral service and happily it gained the trust and support of countless families.”

“The new owners are individuals we know well,” said Pam Bowser-Minich. “Rebecca was a former pre-need director with our firm, and Andrew has been working as an at-need director for the past two years. Both Rebecca and Andrew are wonderful, caring people. We couldn’t be happier.”

“Our decision to sell was simple. More time to spend with family, travel and get a full night’s rest,” Mike Miniich said. “Pam and I plan to continue to be a part of the Indiana community. This is our home that we love.”

“It has been an honor and of the utmost privilege for us to have been chosen by Michael and Pamela to carry on their family’s legacy of serving the greater Indiana community in their greatest time of need,” said Rebecca Donahue and Andrew Tylinski in the release.