Alyson Fearon, senior director of community conservation and resiliency for the Allegheny Land Trust, will present a webinar Sept. 28 on carbon sequestration.

What if a forest like White’s Woods could produce annual income for White Township by maintaining its canopy and trees while at the same time assisting companies like local fossil fuel plants in mitigating their carbon footprint?

The webinar “Reducing Your Carbon Footprint to Better Your Business and Our Region” will answer that question as well as demonstrate other benefits of forests to the community.

Scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 28, from 4 to 5 p.m. and sponsored by the Friends of White’s Woods, this Zoom webinar is free and open to the public.

Alyson Fearon, senior director of community conservation and resiliency for the Allegheny Land Trust, will be the presenter.

According to Fearon, many large companies and corporations such as Microsoft, General Motors, Delta Air Lines, Bank of America and Walmart are purchasing carbon credits to help meet their carbon reduction goals. The “credits” are purchased through third parties who work with municipalities and family farm owners to assess the “carbon value” of their forests. Municipalities and farm owners are paid annually to maintain/improve their forests that store the carbon from the air.

Fearon is the Allegheny Land Trust lead on land use research projects; new resiliency efforts like carbon credits; nontraditional conservation efforts of community garden preservation, green infrastructure and other urban greening efforts; and develops and presents content on these topics.

She is also the Land Protection GIS associate and works with WPRDC to develop the Greenprint Tool. Certified as a sustainability excellence associate (SEA) and a certified climate change professional (CC-P), Fearon works as an adjunct instructor at Chatham.

Holder of a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science with a concentration in sustainability and a Master of Sustainability and MBA from Chatham University, Fearon has more than 21 years of combined work experience in various roles with the military and private sector. She joined Allegheny Land Trust in 2017 as an intern.

To register for the webinar, send an email to info@friendsof whiteswoods.org.