The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission said Monday that more than $146.25 million in Act 13 impact fees collected from natural gas producers should be distributed sometime next month.

The PUC said county and municipal governments directly affected by drilling will receive nearly $71.49 million for the 2020 reporting year.

For Indiana County, that includes a direct contribution of $63,322.17 plus another $49,261.13 from what is called the Marcellus Legacy Fund, for a total of $112,583.30, as well as contributions to all 38 municipalities.

The county totals are down from 2019, when wells produced $84,944.68 and the legacy fund $71,380.73 for a total of $156,325.41.

“Pennsylvania’s natural gas tax continues to deliver important benefits for the entire commonwealth,” Marcellus Shale Coalition President David Callahan said. “Generating more than $2 billion since 2012, the impact tax is a successful policy for Pennsylvanians, local governments, environmental conservation programs, emergency response efforts and much more.”

There also will be distributions for all 38 Indiana County municipalities, though in most cases smaller than last year. The fees are determined by the number of unconventional wells, or wells that are drilled or spudded in a given year to tap into unconventional formations, such as Marcellus shale.

For 2020, the five largest distributions will go to Center Township, $27,325.03; Cherryhill Township, $14,622.72; Green Township, $9,917.31; North Mahoning Township, $8,504.71; and Brush Valley Township, $6,479.36. Not far behind are Young Township, $6,362.28; and White Township, $6,229.28.

Other municipalities getting more than $1,000 are Indiana Borough $4,476.33; West Wheatfield Township $3,866.87; Rayne Township $2,314.60; Burrell Township $2,103.67; Armstrong Township $2,130.52; Washington Township $1,778.30; Conemaugh Township $1,627.55; South Mahoning Township $1,370.21; Blairsville $1,232.09; East Wheatfield Township $1,224.02; Canoe Township $1,221.70; Montgomery Township $1,131.69; Pine Township $1,104.99; East Mahoning Township $1,019.73; and West Mahoning Township $1,081. Those getting less than $1,000 are Armagh, $43.30; Banks Township, $681.21; Blacklick Township, $850.35; Buffington Township, $905.23; Cherry Tree, $142.85; Clymer, $573.86; Creekside, $63.18; Ernest, $82.71; Glen Campbell, $70.63; Grant Township, $878.30; Homer City, $625.15; Marion Center, $80.15; Plumville, $58.61; Saltsburg, $309.57; Shelocta, $54.05; and Smicksburg, $28.02.