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Indiana County on Wednesday recorded its largest one-day increase in the number of cases of novel coronavirus infection since the beginning of the pandemic.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health reported that the total number of cases, both confirmed through testing and presumed positive, rose by 28 as of midnight.

In numbers released at noon Thursday, DOH said the total COVID-19 cases in Indiana County reached 596, including 541 positive tests and 55 presumed infections.

That also represented a 4.9 percent one-day increase in the case total.

Meanwhile, DOH reported that the county registered 78 negative test results over the same 24-hour period.

The total number of deaths remained at 12, and the mortality rate dropped to 2.01 percent of the total number of positive cases.

Of the 28 new cases, three were registered in long-term care facilities: two among residents and one among employees of personal care homes and nursing homes in the county.

Four people, one-third of all who have died of COVID-19 infection in Indiana County, were connected with long-term care facilities.