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In the past couple of months, three acquaintances of mine have come down with the H1N1 virus, also known as swine flu, landing all three of them in the hospital in critical condition.

I don’t know if any had gotten a flu shot or if in their particular situations it would have prevented their life-threatening illnesses. But I took it as a wake-up call to learn all I could.

I was shocked to learn that even with the availability of vaccines, the dreaded flu virus is taking the U.S. by storm.

This year’s strain already has left 20 children dead, according to new numbers released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

More than that, anywhere from 3,000 to 49,000 people die every year from flu-related illnesses.

For many, the flu is little more than a cough and a fever. But health officials want the public to know that in many cases it can also be deadly.

Call me paranoid, but I don’t fully trust the flu shot I get every year to protect me against every strain of flu virus out there.

I still get the shot, but I also disinfect my home and business.

Surprisingly, not all commercial disinfectants claim to be effective against the more deadly viruses like H1N1.

Even those that claim to be “antiviral” and “antibacterial” may not be trusted to be effective against these new strains of viruses the world is having to deal with.

You will recall in past columns where I’ve told you about Nok-Out, the odor eliminator product. I’ve used it for years and have recommended it to you for stubborn odors that have the potential to make your life miserable or cost you a lot of money because of the harm they can do.

I love the stuff because it is nontoxic, has no odor or fumes and is completely harmless to pets and children.

And boy does it work! Like a miracle, it kills every kind of odor you can imagine. But it’s more than just a powerful deodorizer.

Nok-Out is antiviral and antibacterial, too. In fact, Nok-Out is so effective against stubborn viruses like H1N1 and H1N2, Nok-Out has recently been confirmed as a hospital disinfectant.

I hope that means that soon every hospital in America — make that the world — is being doused with Nok-Out on a regular basis!

Learn more at And if you are interested in getting Nok-Out to disinfect your environment against the flu viruses and get rid of odors at the same time (so far, Nok-Out is only available online), be sure to use the coupon code DPL to get 10 percent off single items.

Bundles are already discounted with a built-in 10 percent discount.

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