Center Township

Welcome to Center Township

GRACETON — A proposed budget for 2020 has been posted for public review and comment at the Center Township municipal office.

Pending final adoption Dec. 19, the spending plan would hold all tax rates at 2019 levels including 1.3 mills on real estate for general township operations and 0.23 mills for fire protection, a maintenance fee of $13 for homes within 780 feet of a fire hydrant and a fee for properties within 250 feet of a streetlight.

The township supervisors reported Thursday at a public meeting that the budget will devote more money to road repair supplies and equipment, and that the township will pay about 30 percent more for road salt, an increase of $17 a ton, in the coming year.

Compared to 2019, the budget is $33,000 higher. It lists $1,242,443 million of receipts and a carryover of $350,000 expected at the end of this year, and is balanced with $1,592,443 of expenditures.

By line item, the budget allocates $189,580 to public works, $552,085 to highway maintenance, $29,000 to highway construction, $73,732 to snow removal, $328,680 to “miscellaneous and employee benefits,” $57,282 to secretarial expenses, $86,685 to municipal buildings, $11,873 to code enforcement and $7,822 to general government.

The supervisors said Thursday that a new 2,000-gallon fuel tank has been installed and filled at the township office site, eliminating the need for equipment drivers to use card systems at area fuel vendors.

Following the Dec. 19 meeting, the board will meet Jan. 2 to pay bills and payroll and Jan. 6 for reorganization and general purposes. Center Township’s board of auditors will meet Jan. 7 to schedule the 2019 audit and determine supervisors’ wages for 2020.