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Indiana County voters selected a new district attorney by a matter of 392 votes on Election Day. General election totals returned the county commissioners’ office to Republican control, sent Sheriff Robert Fyock to a fifth term in office and gave Randy Degenkolb a comfortable re-election win.

The vote totals as shown on the Indiana County website are unofficial.

About 39.3 percent of the registered voters went to the polls Tuesday.

Republican challenger Robert Manzi edged Democratic District Attorney Patrick Dougherty with about 50.3 percent to 48.3 percent of the vote: 9,828 to 9,436.

Republicans Mike Keith and Robin Gorman led the balloting to replace retiring county commissioners Rodney Ruddock and Michael Baker. Sherene Hess, the lone Democrat of the last term, was re-elected.

The totals: Keith 25.8 percent (10,073); Gorman 23.8 percent (9,295); Hess 18.6 percent (7,272); Democrat Donald Lancaster 10.1 percent (3,963); and independent Juston Marusa 9 percent (3,513).

Fyock, a Republican, carried his race for re-election 61.7 percent (12,058) to 37 percent for Democratic challenger Lou Sacco (7,226 votes).

Degenkolb had 12,659 votes, more than any other individual on the ballot Tuesday, with 64.8 percent to Democratic challenger Eric Barker’s 32.3 percent (6,305).