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ASK MR. KNOW IT ALL: Know It All hunting for still hunting

on April 06, 2014 1:50 AM

Question: Have you ever heard of the term “still hunt”? What is it? — T.W., White Castle, La.

Answer: According to my American Heritage dictionary, still-hunting is the hunting of game by stalking or ambushing.

There is also a statue named “Still Hunt” in Central Park in New York City. The bronze sculpture, by Edward Kemeys, depicts a panther getting ready to strike.

Question: When was the Pledge of Allegiance written? By whom? — Y.C., Cottonwood, Calif.

Answer: Thirty-seven-year-old Baptist minister Francis Bellamy wrote the Pledge of Allegiance in 1892. It was first published in The Youth’s Companion, the Reader’s Digest of its day. The poem was part of a patriotic program for schools around the county to coincide with the opening ceremonies for the Columbian Exposition in October 1892.

Question: Was England’s many-time-married King Henry VIII buried with one of his wives? — O.W., Salisbury, Md.

Answer: King Henry VIII (1491-1547) was buried with wife No. 3, Jane Seymour, in St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle. Jane (c. 1509-1537) died of natural causes a year after her marriage to the king. She was the only wife of Henry to get a proper queen’s burial.

Question: In the 1970s, there was a major league baseball player nicknamed “The Bird.” Who was he, and why the nickname? — R.P., Green Creek, Ind.

Answer: Some said that 6-foot-3-inch pitcher Mark Fidrych had a strong resemblance to “Sesame Street” Muppet Big Bird. In 1976, while with the Detroit Tigers, Fidrych won the American League Rookie of the Year award. A knee injury the following year followed by arm problems severely limited his ability. He was released by the Tigers after the 1980 season after a five-year career. His record was 29 wins and 19 losses.

Fidrych was born Aug. 14, 1954, and died April 13, 2009, at age 54.

Question: Hey, Mr. Know-It-All! I have another riddle for you: How many of each animal did Moses take on the Ark? — A.B., Redding, Calif.

Answer: None. Moses had the Ark of the Covenant; Noah had the ark with the animals.

Question: In a grocery store museum, I recall seeing a package of Kool-Ade. Is this the same thing as the Kool-Aid that is currently available? — M.B., Bay Minette, Ala.

Answer: In 1914, 25-year-old Edwin Perkins started a small mail-order business called Perkins Products Company. The company sold small bottles of perfume and calling cards through magazine advertisements. By 1920, he and his wife, Kitty, were offering more than 125 products, including extracts, spices, medicines and toiletries. One of the best sellers was a 4-ounce bottle of soft drink syrup called Fruit Smack. By the mid-1920s, Perkins had the idea of turning the syrup into a powder concentrate. He named the new product Kool-Ade, but later changed it to Kool-Aid.

In mid-1953, Perkins Products was taken over by General Foods.

DID YOU KNOW? The lead role of President of the United States in the movie “Air Force One” (1997) was written with Kevin Costner in mind, but he had to turn down the role because of other commitments; the role went to Harrison Ford.

Question: The name Ryman Auditorium keeps coming to mind, but I can’t recall why. Do you know what it is? — H.G., DeQuincy, La.

Answer: Starting in 1943, the Ryman Auditorium was the site of the Grand Ole Opry. The Opry remained there until the new Opry House was built in Opryland in 1975. Ryman Auditorium is in Nashville, Tenn., and is now a museum and small concert venue.

Question: What and when was Marilyn Monroe’s last film? Any idea what her last line was? — C.V., Albany, N.Y.

Answer: Monroe’s last film was “The Misfits” in 1961. Her last line was spoken to Clark Gable, “How do you find your way back in the dark?” Clark Gable’s response, “Just head for that big star straight on. The highway’s under it, and it’ll take us right home.” She died the following year at age 36. Gable suffered a heart attack a few days after filming was complete and died at age 59.

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