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on June 26, 2013 10:50 AM

The following couples have submitted marriage license applications in the Indiana County Court House:

  • Roy Lee Groppe and Tammi Lynn Wolfe, both of New Cumberland, W.Va.
  • Joseph M. Blystone and Cherrie Ann Garris, both of Latrobe
  • Robert Dustin Brown and Kelsey Dallas Jones, both of Homer City
  • Joseph Edward Glambin and Alyssa Nicole Rotosky, both of Indiana
  • James Scott Pierce and Autumn Storm Nichol, both of Rossiter
  • Tony M. Black and Melissa CJ Miller, both of Aultman
  • Ryan Michael Lowman and Marianne Lyons, both of Blairsville
  • James Daniel Stewart, of Tallahassee, Fla., and Ashley Kate Miller, of Blairsville
  • Larry J. Koscho and Marcia K. Rayko, both of Indiana
  • Willard Lee Fulton and Candace Lee O’Brien, both of Indiana
  • James L. Gunter, of Creekside, and Erin Kathleen Dougherty, of Indiana
  • Onys Omar Gutierrez Hernandez and Kimberly Ann Yurko, both of Indiana
  • Michael Ryan Bird and Lindsay Noriene Kincaid, both of Blairsville
  • James Joseph Ludwigsen and Beverly Ann Davis, both of Indiana
  • Michael Scott Lamer and Jennifer Marie Charles, both of Commodore
  • Rodney Charles Blough and Jennifer J. Shroyer, both of Vintondale
  • Joseph Anthony Stango and Alaina Ann Petrillo, both of Homer City
  • Shawn Allan McMillan and Michelle Marie Parkhurst, both of Blairsville
  • Jason Warren Laney and Christine Renee Small, both of Gipsy
  • John Michael Markward, of Greenwood, Ark., and Lynn J. Johnston, of Blairsville
  • Ronald George Hood and Janelle Loree Lydic, both of Blairsville
  • Richard Allen Sparks and Ashley Lynn Hoover, both of Homer City
  • Mark Allen Kermes and Sarah Renee Wenner, both of Commodore
  • Joseph Robert Fulmer, of Indiana, and Sarah Elizabeth Zorak, of Murrysville
  • Gregory John Gaydosh and Marianne Theresa Fuller, both of Blairsville
  • Matthew S. Lange and Heather Marie Mack, both of Armagh
  • Timothy James Semuskie and Kasey Leigh Morrison, both of Saltsburg
  • Bruce William Wilson and Autumn Dawn Filler, both of Rural Valley
  • Eliott Christopher Porter and Janessa Ann Weaver, both of Akron, Ohio
  • Brian Scott Johnston and Julie Ann Sando, both of Oceanside, Calif.
  • Arthur James Winch and Barbaraellen Elizabeth Blystone, both of Blairsville
  • Cory Lee Williams and Nicole Marie Newlin, both of Penn Run
  • Chad Alan Morrissey and Martha Leann Myers, both of Saltsburg
  • Carlos Juan Hernandez and Colbee Lee Biss, both of Robinson
  • John Irvin Fisher and Nancy L. Palmer, both of Homer City
  • Robert Jesse Lavan and Kayla Rose Shultz, both of Marion Center
  • Albert Allen LaBryer and Elizabeth Elaine Hill, both of Marion Center
  • Cody Thomaslee Kennedy and Malinda R. Miller, both of Homer City
  • Edward Thomas Kowaleski and Abigail Lu Nan Frick, both of Indiana
  • Michael E. McElroy, of Youngstown, Ohio, and Kathleen Jo Marutiak, of West Lebanon
  • Richard Lee Coy and Trista Rae Stiffey, both of Indiana
  • Tony M. Black and Melissa CJ Miller, both of Aultman
  • James R. Froelicher and Peggy A. Haight, both of Indiana
  • Benjamin Taylor Driskell, of Marietta, Ga., and Lexie Nicole Park, of Latrobe
  • James P. Cummins and Christine T. Forsha, both of Homer City
  • Brett D. Hebenthal and Stephanie A. Locke, both of Blairsville
  • David John Kerr and Jessica R. Foreman, both of Indiana
  • Kenneth Uzoma Onyenike, of Houston, Texas, and Ginger Lee Bair, of Rossiter
  • Jerry Earl Uadiski and Tricia Jo Brendlinger, both of Brush Valley
  • Nathaniel Charles Lavan and Heather Nichole Abbey, both of Marion Center
  • Kenneth Lee Overdorf and Jamie Mae Young, both of Saltsburg
  • Robert W. Zugates and Deborah J. Stiffler, both of Blairsville
  • Nathan E. DeHaven and Michele Lee Trayer, both of Rochester Mills
  • Travis Bryan Swentosky and Kayla Adele King, both of Indiana
  • Robby D. Liming and Kayla Jo Painter, both of Homer City
  • Donald W. Henry and Shelby Jean Mumau, both of Cherry Tree
  • Joseph Carl Stanish, of Indiana, and Jessica Joy Davanzati, of Sarver
  • Thomas Alan Waychoff and Andreana Nichole Simone, both of Columbus, Ohio
  • Eric James Brown and Brittany Nichole Miller, both of Shelocta
  • William Harry Shaner and Nancy A. Blystone, both of Avonmore
  • Aaron Eugene Hay, of Hunker, and Meghan Lindsay Dobrowolsky, of Indiana
  • Alan Michael Faith, of Pittsburgh, and Lindsey Dawn Wagner, of Saltsburg
  • Jarrad P. Zamborsky and Erica Michelle Kelly, both of Marion Center
  • Luke Samuel Knapic, of Robinson, and Kelley Ann Rose, of Vintondale
  • Joshua Eghia Chobanian and Emily Annette Giron, both of Blairsville
  • Christopher Todd Michael and Kelly Anne Patchell, both of Indiana
  • Joseph P. Previte, of Irwin, and Christina J. DeAngellis, of Trafford
  • David Carl Kline and Amanda Lee Berta, both of Clarksburg
  • Eric Kristopher Matre and Shawna Lynn Smith, both of Terre Haute, Ind.
  • Francis Michael Kwisnek, of Blairsville, and Larissa Ann Petika, of Apollo
  • Dustin Scott Lichtenfels and Trisha Ann Gerus, both of New Florence
  • William Walter Kromer and Tracey Ann Good, both of Strongstown
  • Nicholas William Karas and Jessica Lynn Mock, both of Indiana
  • John Allen King and Ruth Jane Betts, both of Indiana
  • Brian Mitchell Keith and Shalonda E. Yackuboskey, both of Clymer
  • Dwight Lee Cobler, of Blairsville, and Katherine Anne Heckman, of Slickville
  • James C. Smith and Cara M. Carpinello, both of Cherry Tree
  • Christopher P. Baker and Kristy Lynne Kosek, both of Heilwood
  • Jered T. Stapleton and Lisa A. Kerr, both of Clymer
  • Brian A. Ballitch, of Mansfield, Ohio, and Amanda Danielle Bunton, of Pittsburgh
  • Richard Mimis and Tanya C. Decker, both of Clymer
  • Brett D. Bowser, of Kittanning, and Kezia A. Heilman-Houser, of Dayton
  • Dennis Robert Young and Kelley Marie Donahoe, both of Clarksburg
  • Kevin John Davis, of Saltsburg, and Nicole Alexis McDowell, of Blairsville
  • Steven E. Huey and Joni Kay Peterman, both of Penn Run
  • Charles Edward Crowe, of Saltsburg, and Kellie Ann Starkey, of Vandergrift
  • Thomas John Maloney, of Pittsburgh, and Julie Marie Hileman, of Ford City
  • Christopher Clair Deyarmin and Kristina Lynn Wise, both of Clymer

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