Police arrest suspect handcuffs 06

Four men from Philadelphia, three of them listed as students at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, have been jailed in Indiana on multiple felony charges that they took part in the shooting of a man and the robbery of four tenants on Feb. 14 at two homes on Wayne Avenue near the IUP campus.

The suspects have been incarcerated at the Indiana County Jail since late last week, according to online court records.

Nafis Harper, 23; Daron Reel Jr., 19; Samuel Wilson, 20; and Mamadi Saccoh, 20, face charges including robbery, aggravated assault, theft and receiving stolen property and conspiracy to those charges.

Reel, an IUP student identified as being in the Academic Affairs Division, is the accused shooter and faces an additional count of attempted homicide.

Police said three men were beaten with the handles of guns at 835 Wayne Ave., and the man who was reported to be wounded suffered a gunshot from 2 to 4 feet away. The slug entered his chin, went through his neck and lodged in his shoulder, police said.

According to criminal complaints filed in Indiana District Court, detectives from Indiana Borough police began studying surveillance video from the scene of the confrontations — homes at 835 and 841 Wayne Ave. — and identified a car in which the men fled.

Police conducted a traffic stop on the same car the following night and identified Harper as the driver.

Ongoing surveillance of Harper’s local home at 657 Pratt Drive further led investigators to identify others involved in the robberies and shooting.

Investigators said Saccoh and Wilson confessed to their roles in the incident during interrogation Thursday and identified the others who took part.

Reel is being held on $300,000 bond; the others are being held on $150,000 bond each.