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An exciting change is coming to The Indiana Gazette.

Starting Sept. 26, the Gazette will combine its Saturday and Sunday editions into a weekend newspaper that will be delivered every Saturday and will remain available on newsstands and vendor racks throughout the weekend.

This means all of the important local news and familiar features from both the Saturday and Sunday editions will be included in the new, more-expansive weekend paper, including weekly coupons, Family Leisure, Comics, Sports, Business and Stocks, Religion and expanded Classified pages.

In short, the change will enable the Gazette staff to focus on producing and covering more local news and bringing you the stories that are important to you and your lives.

The last Sunday edition was published Sept. 20.

The Gazette will now be published six days a week.

“The new Weekend Edition will feature all of the Saturday and Sunday content wrapped into one edition,” said Tammy Bish, regional executive for Sample News Group.

“The weekend will also expand to have more classified, more news and feature stories about our friends and neighbors, Parade magazine, Spry and Relish feature publications as well.”

While the history of the Gazette dates to 1890, the Sunday edition was introduced in 1990. The Gazette is one of just a few newspapers in Pennsylvania that still publishes seven days a week.

Like most newspapers, the Gazette has long since transitioned to a 24/7 media outlet with a strong website and social media presence that reaches many thousands of people every day.

So even after the Gazette’s print press time, readers can still keep up with breaking news through The Indiana Gazette Online and on Facebook and Twitter.

Existing print subscribers already have access to a digital subscription, and new readers can sign up for one for $9.99 per month or $99.99 a year by calling the newspaper’s circulation department at (724) 465-5555.