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Create a ribbon wreath

by SANDI GENOVESE Scripps Howard News Service on August 25, 2013 1:40 AM

I seem to accumulate ribbon scraps.

Like paper clips, rubber bands or buttons, they seem to magically appear in drawers, baskets and bags all over my house. Whether they are bits of recycled gift wrap or leftover pieces from sewing or craft projects, I can’t throw them away. The result is bags full of ribbon.

Combine my stash of ribbon scraps with an urge to organize, and you’re looking at a ribbon wreath that is so easy to make you might even buy more ribbon to make another one.

First, I organized the ribbon by color and trimmed the pink and red pieces to about 9 inches long. The support for the wreath is created by cutting a 2-inch ring from sturdy pink card stock that measures 11 inches in diameter.

If you have large round shapes around your house, they can be your guides.

I used a circular trash can for the outer circle and a large round plate for the inner circle of my ring. I picked pink for the ring so that any gaps in my ribbon would not be obvious.

I highlighted a favorite photo by hanging it (with, of course, ribbon) so that it dangles inside the wreath opening.

Once the photo is in place, the fun really begins. Simply wrap the scraps of ribbon around the ring and secure them with a double knot facing the front. Once the ring is completely covered, add an extra-long ribbon for hanging.

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