HOMER CITY — The borough’s municipal swimming pool will remain closed for the summer, Homer-Center Recreation and Parks Department officials decided this week.

The COVID-19 virus was held indirectly responsible.

The shutdowns and closings triggered by pandemic prevention efforts over the spring prevented potential lifeguards from going through training, said Mike Schmidt, a parks board member representing the Homer-Center School District.

Schmidt told the school board Thursday that the parks board plan for renovation of the restrooms at the pool has been delayed.

“Being set behind in the construction season, it’s going to be August until we could even think about opening anyway when we get the renovations that need to be done,” Schmidt said. “So we’re going to move forward. We accepted bids, we selected a contractor and we’ll get that work started.”

Not all is lost in terms of recreation opportunities.

The parks will be opened, Schmidt said.

“There are some CDC guidelines … that say you should wear a mask, social distance, things like that,” he said. “We are going to put those on our website. So, anybody in the community, before you go to the park, just go to the page and review those procedures and cautions.

“A lot of it is common sense, a lot of it is what you are doing now.”

Board member Michael Bertig said the board ordered the resurfacing of the basketball and

tennis courts at In Town Park in Homer City, moved concrete benches to Lucerne Park and allowed the use of playground equipment but with warnings to users of the risks involved in use.

“There are no CDC guidelines for disinfecting it, but we are going to caution through our Facebook page that you are using these at your own risk,” Bertig said.