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Local lawmakers said the Commonwealth Financing Authority awarded funding Tuesday for water and sewer projects in Indiana and other area counties.

Sen. Don White and Rep. Dave Reed, both Indiana Republicans, said the authority awarded $300,000 in Small Water & Sewer Program grants for two projects in Indiana County, one in Center Township, the other in White Township.

The Central Indiana County Water Authority received a $200,000 grant for the installation of 5,200 feet of water lines and associated valves, fittings and fire hydrants along Neal Road in Center Township.

“Investing in our infrastructure is one of the most important duties of government,” Reed said in a news release.

“Providing safe and reliable water service to local residents has been one of my top priorities,” White said in the release. “This funding will support the effort by (CICWA) to upgrade its water system and meet the needs of their customers while reducing the financial burden to ratepayers.”

White Township received a $100,000 grant to construct a central sewage system for the village of Fulton Run to eliminate the use of malfunctioning on-lot sewage systems.

“I applaud the leadership of these municipal authorities to address deficiencies,” Reed said.

“The Fulton Run project has been on the boards for some time since this is a unique and remote area that presents some difficulties for this sewer project,” White said. “Once completed, this service will make the area more attractive for future development.”

Gov. Tom Wolf said they are among several hundred new project approvals made Tuesday by CFA, an independent agency established to administer the state’s economic stimulus packages.

“From ensuring Pennsylvanians have access to clean water, to protecting communities from the devastating effects of flooding, to simply giving residents the chance to hike a new trail in their community, these projects will improve the quality of life for countless families and individuals across the commonwealth,” the governor said in the release.

Rep. Joseph Petrarca, D-Vandergrift, said nearly $600,000 in grants were approved to fund critical water and sewer system upgrades in Derry Borough and Derry Township.

Included are $278,034 to the Municipal Authority of the Borough of Derry to upgrade a deteriorating waterline containing lead joints along North Chestnut Street; $245,000 to the Derry Township Municipal Authority to install nearly 3,000 feet of sanitary sewer pipe and extend sewer service to 10 homes along Peach Hollow Road north of Derry Borough and by installing nearly 3,000 feet of sanitary sewer pipe; and $72,101 to DTMA to reline nearly 2,000 feet of existing pipe along Industrial Boulevard, Pandora Road and Station Street.

“The grants approved (Tuesday) will help provide critical water and sanitary sewer improvements for areas that have struggled with outdated or malfunctioning systems for years,” Petrarca said.

In Armstrong County, two projects approved by CFA were announced by White and Rep. Donna Oberlander, R-Clarion, whose 63rd District extends south to include areas along the Indiana County line:

• $253,998 for a filter and chemical feed system replacement in Dayton.

• $196,213 for water treatment plant rehabilitation in Rural Valley.

“By investing in the water treatment plants in both Dayton and Rural Valley, we are seeking to improve the towns’ water supplies and enhance infrastructure within the region,” Oberlander said.