COVID-19  23

Indiana County saw an increase of 142 new cases of COVID-19 reported on Friday. There have been 663 cases reported this month. The seven-day average case count is 95.

There were 136 tests reported. The seven-day average is 99 tests per day. Statewide, there was an increase of 32,053 cases.

There was one new death reported in the county, bringing the total to 304. There have been seven deaths reported this month.

Indiana Regional Medical Center reported 30 hospitalized COVID patients, with six in the ICU and three on ventilators. Of the hospitalized patients, 24 are unvaccinated and six are vaccinated. Of those in the ICU, four are unvaccinated and two are vaccinated.

Most recent county data for children from the Pennsylvania Department of Health shows 16 cases in those birth to age 4 and 62 cases in those ages 5 to 18, logged from Dec. 29 to Jan. 4.


In Indiana County, 50.2 percent of the population has received at least one dose of the vaccine, with 35,380 people fully vaccinated and 4,878 partially vaccinated. There were 97 booster shots administered for a total of 14,508 since Aug. 13.

Indiana County ranks 58 of 67 counties by percent of population receiving at least one dose. It ranks worse for younger age groups, at 41 of 67 for those ages 5 to 9 with 10.5 percent vaccinated; 50 of 67 for those ages 10 to 14 at 19.6 percent vaccinated; 63 of 67 for those ages 15 to 19, with 22.6 percent vaccinated; and 65 of 67 for those ages 20 to 24 at 26.5 percent vaccinated.

Weekly data for children and young adults shows 30 doses administered to those ages 5 to 9, or 434 children total. There were 21 doses administered in to those ages 10 to 14, for a total of 844. In 15 to 19 age group, there were nine vaccines logged for total of 1,560. There were 42 administered to those ages 20 to 24, for a total of 2,433.

This shows 78.5 percent of those ages 5 to 24 are unvaccinated.

Source: This report is compiled by Ron Riley for The Indiana Gazette with data from the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Indiana Regional Medical Center, Department of Corrections and IUP COVID Dashboard.