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Actor shines in 'Hair' lead

by on April 11, 2013 11:00 AM

In his first major production, Noah Plomgren plays Claude in “Hair: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical,” coming to Indiana Sunday.

This Tony-award winning musical is based in the 1960s, focusing on “the search for peace and love in a turbulent time,” according to Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s LivelyArts website.

Plomgren, who has the lead role in the show, has always been interested in the production, he said. “It’s such a joyous celebration of life, freedom and love.”

His character, Claude, is a member of the tribe of “hippies,” he said. “He is a little different in the way that he is currently searching for something to fulfill his life.”

Plomgren said the best word to describe the character is “stuck,” and that many people can relate to that.

The character struggles with the decision to enlist in the Army or “burn his draft card” and stay with his friends in the city.

Plomgren had auditioned a few weeks before his graduation from Carnegie Mellon University at an open call in New York City. He said he was chosen for the role after a series of auditions over a period of a few months.

“Professionally I did a couple of shows right after school in upstate New York in a regional theater,” he said. “But this is my first big production.”

While getting his bachelor’s degree at Carnegie Mellon, he participated in many performances including “Sweeney Todd,” “Lulu” and “Takin’ the Wheel,” and he was the lead character, Tony, in the performance of “West Side Story” with the Park Avenue Players.

As a professional singer, according to his resume, Plomgren’s character is featured in many musical numbers throughout the production, including “Manchester England” and “Where Do I Go?”

The tour began mid-January in Santa Barbara, Calif., and the company has traveled all over the nation for daily performance. The tour will end in Greenvale, N.Y., in May.

Plomgren will hit the Fisher Auditorium stage at 8 p.m. Sunday for a performance that Billboard says “includes rock music, borrows heavily from mass media and frequently breaks down the invisible ‘fourth wall’ to interact with the audience,” before heading to the Scranton Cultural Center Monday.

Tickets are available online at or at the box office.

“I think our show has a really beautiful message to share with the world and the Indiana community,” Plomgren said. “It can really inspire them to spread their love and their happiness to other people.

“It’s a blast to do and a blast to watch and hopefully the community will come out.”

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