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Car dealer hopes expansion improves customer service

by HEATHER ROTH on May 12, 2013 3:00 AM

After nearly six months of work, the renovations at Colonial Motor Mart on Fourth Street in Indiana are complete.

“What we hope it accomplishes is us doing a better job of serving our customers, first by making our place more customer-friendly, but secondly (by) making our employees prouder of where they work and therefore more motivated to take care of the customer in a higher-class manner,” Chuck Spadafora, who owns Colonial, said Thursday.

“We’ve won many service awards. We think this will take us from doing a very good job to an excellent job.”

Spadafora said the renovations were to bring the dealership into compliance with GM image standards.

Upgrades include a new facade and signage; a renovated showroom and customer lounge, complete with wireless Internet, television and a cafe; and a service area where customers can meet with employees to discuss their vehicles out of inclement weather.

“We’ve never had the luxury of getting together with the customer and the car all at the same time,” Spadafora said.

Previously, customers left their vehicles in the lot and discussed the problem inside. But with a new canopy-protected service area, discussions can happen around the vehicle.

“The communication of what needs done will be greatly improved,” he said.

Colonial Motor Mart has been in the Spadafora family for three generations, starting in 1946 as an Oldsmobile franchise.

The dealership now sells GMC, Cadillac, Mazda and Mitsubishi vehicles out of the Fourth Street location, and Nissan and Toyota at its other locations: Mark Arbuckle Nissan, Philadelphia Street, and Colonial Toyota, West Pike.

Spadafora said D. King Construction, of Indiana, did the work.

“We’re very proud that (all three remodeling jobs) have been done with local people,” Spadafora said. “(We’re) just keeping the business local, spending our money here because we’re asking them to spend their money with us.”

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