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CARL KOLOGIE: Great day for a parade

on October 06, 2013 1:55 AM

There they were, marching smartly in the middle of Philadelphia Street when the drummers suddenly took over the beat with a rapid boom-boom, boom-boom, boom — boom, boom-boom — and then the crowd cheered as they broke into “Cherokee.”

It was Nevin Saylor’s Indiana High School Band that got the three-deep crowd in a frenzy at the IUP homecoming parade on Saturday.

Walking along the parade route it was very evident that the large throng that lined both sides of the main thoroughfare in downtown Indiana was enjoying every one of the more than 70 campus and community units that passed by.

And what a magnificent day it was. There was a sunny and shady side of the street, and some who were bathed in sunlight wished they had been on the other side as temperatures climbed into the high 70s.

The theme of the parade was “Countries Around the World,” and the floats featured the nations of Chile, China, Egypt, Greece and Australia.

They were all designed and constructed by sororities and fraternities at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and applauded by the parade watchers.

Of course, the weather was a major factor in drawing out the large crowd that not only included local residents and students but many alums and families that came back to town for the annual homecoming weekend.

It was the ideal place to be for meeting and greeting old friends and classmates.

And of course, the youngsters loved it as they darted out onto the street picking up candy and trinkets that were tossed from the floats and other units in the parade.

It set the tone for the weekend.

o o o

And how ’bout them Pirates?

Those Buccos are now the main topic of conversation everywhere, sports fan or not.

They have captured the headlines and after Friday’s big win over the St. Louis Cardinals the Pittsburgh faithful are now even talking about how they were fare in the World Series.

Just a few weeks ago the naysayers were criticizing the manager, the number of strikeouts, the lack of hitting in key situations and failure of the bullpen to hold the lead in a few recent critical games.

But the Pirates have shown that winning 94 games during the season was no fluke and have made believers of their fans.

With games today and Monday in Pittsburgh, they have a real shot at advancing to the next level and play for the National League championship.

George Coury, a 40-plus year season ticket holder from Homer City, is in his glory and I will be with George at today’s game at PNC. And who are the Pittsburgh Steelers?

With the Pirates and Penguins both playing in championship mode, the Steelers are taking a back seat for the first time in decades.

Have you heard the latest knock, knock joke about the Steelers?

“Knock, knock.”

“Who’s there?”


“Owen who?”

“0 ’n’ 4.”

Did you ever think our beloved Steelers would be the butt of such a joke?

“Beat ’em Bucs.”

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