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CARL KOLOGIE: Lippy bowing out

by on June 08, 2014 1:55 AM

For the past 20 years the annual State Police Golf Tournament has been under the direction of Trooper Tim Lipniskis.

Friday evening at the dinner following the tournament, “Lippy,” as he is known by his many friends throughout Indiana County, announced that it was his last year as tournament chairman.

Most in attendance knew it was going to happen as “Lippy” is on the verge of retirement and would no longer be employed as a trooper when next year’s outing comes around.

For many, and there were 29 foursomes in this year’s outing, entering the tournament was a no-brainer. Not only because of the friendly persuasion by the personable Lipniskis, but more importantly for the cause supported by the event.

For the past seven years Camp Cadet has been the recipient of the funds raised from the tournament.

This has been a pet project for Lippy, who has been a member of the Camp Cadet board since it was initiated in Indiana County in 2008. Prior to that, the nearest camp, which is geared for youths from 13 to 15, was in Armstrong County.

Lippy introduced Trooper Mark McMahan, who will chair the golf tournament beginning next year.

McMahan, who also volunteers his time at the camp each year, noted that approximately 50 youths, male and female, from Indiana County attend the weeklong encampment, which is held at the Boy Scouts’ Camp Seph Mack at Yellow Creek State Park.

He added that the camp, which is held at no charge to the youths, teaches self-discipline, teamwork and the opportunity to learn about the various aspects of law enforcement.

McMahan also noted that all who attend are certified in Red Cross CPR and first aid.

And that training paid dividends a few years ago when a Camp Cadet graduate using CPR was credited with saving his father’s life, who was trapped by a tree he was cutting down that fell across his chest.

The camp is run by local state troopers, under the direction of Trooper John Matchik, who donate a week of their time to work with the youths.

Knowing Lippy, even though he says he is bowing out, he will probably be found swinging a golf club at Meadow Lane next year.

o o o

The memory of “Chops” lives on.

Saturday afternoon my brother Frank and I made our annual trek to Canal Days in Saltsburg and one of our first objectives was near the water’s edge at the intersection of Point and Water streets where a headstone has been erected as a reminder of a town legend, Ronald E. “Chops” Boring.

[PHOTO: A carved, stone memorial honoring Ronald E. “Chops” Boring is situated at the intersection of Point and Water streets in Saltsburg.  (Submitted photo)]

Anyone who drove through Saltsburg would sooner or later see Chops in his wheelchair on the corner, usually with a friendly wave as the vehicles passed by.

He passed away in January and through donations from many residents and friends, Saltsburg Council President PJ Hruska stated the memorial “reflects on the memories of a gentle man who loved Saltsburg.”

o o o

Former Saltsburg High School Principal John R. Coulson and his wife, Pat, visited with friends while strolling down the canal path on Saturday.

The Coulsons now reside in the Sewickley area and for years after their retirement were residents of Indiana.

They are doing well and passed along their best to all their Indiana County friends.

While visiting the Old Stone House, which is the Saltsburg Museum, we had the opportunity to talk to former teacher Anna Mae Chicka, who will soon be celebrating her 100th birthday … and she looks terrific.

Ed Peffer, owner and operator of PJ Brown’s Restaurant in Saltsburg, is really excited about the community project headed up by television actor David Conrad to renovate the old mule barn along the canal path.

Referred to as the McIlwain Warehouse, a group called Townspeople Inc. has become deeply involved with several grants already secured, hope to have some visible signs of remodeling done by as early as September.

Conrad is president of the board of directors for Townspeople Inc., and Peffer is vice president.

Other board members include Jack Maguire, Harold Shetter, Craig Spitzer, Kim Lohr and Tracey Ramsden.

o o o

If you make it to Canal Days today, make sure you have a fried dough sandwich with ham or salami, or both, at the Saltsburg Firemen’s food stand.

That sandwich is delicious.

And of course, add tomatoes.

Carl Kologie is a columnist for The Indiana Gazette.
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