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CARL KOLOGIE: Sunshine heats things up

by on February 16, 2014 1:50 AM

Even when it was good, the weather was always a favorite topic of conversation.

And more so this year in the Indiana County area as Old Man Winter has been relentless, according to the reports we have received here in central Florida.

So, we won’t even discuss what is going on outside of the Sunshine State. But suffice to say that the only scheduled day we have missed on the golf course was due to a heavy downpour and not to cold or snow.

But there have been several days when the arctic blasts have dipped into our direction and light frost was noted on several lawns. It doesn’t take long for the sunshine to heat things up.

But the most recent weather that has made the headlines in the local newspaper has been high winds and tornado that touched down not to far from our homestead near Lake Wales.

Haines City, about 15 miles north of our park, was hit by 50 mph winds and a tornado on Wednesday that damaged 17 homes.

Earlier that evening Fort Meade, about 25 miles southwest of our area, experienced strong winds that ripped the roof off of one home.

As local sports fans are aware, Fort Meade is the hometown of Pittsburgh Pirate Andrew McCutcheon, and a few weeks ago he came back to the area to conduct a baseball clinic for the youngsters in the area.

Of course, he was all over the media while he was in town. And why not, he was the Most Valuable Player in the National League last season.

o o o

Thursday evening the local high school team, the Lake Wales Highlanders, hosted a Class 6A quarterfinal basketball game.

The high school is about five minutes away so my neighbor, Lou Sutton, and I went to the game.

Sutton is a retired track and field coach at IUP and prior to that was an assistant basketball coach at Purchase Line.

We went to see a basketball game and in reality witnessed a track meet.

Lake Wales played Palm Bay Heritage and easily won the contest 80-61.

We were both impressed by the speed, quickness and jumping ability of both teams. Driving to the hoop, dunking the ball and firing up 3-pointers was the name of the game.

If either team had a set offense, we sure missed it.

And the officials really didn’t call many fouls, until very late in the game.

In fact, the contest started at 7 p.m. and was all over about 8:05.

It was really an entertaining evening with a lot of oohs and aahs as dunk shots were tossed in about every other trip downcourt.

The speed and quickness of the teams was the biggest difference in comparing the style of play to our local teams, at least in our opinion.

o o o

It was a great comeback on Saturday morning for the team of Butch Nanni and yours truly at the Oakwood Golf Course near Lake Wales. Arch Brocious and Hank Minich had us in their grasp and were ready to finish us off when we came back on the last four holes to wipe out their big lead and finish in a stalemate. Of course, all four of us play golf in Indiana but this is the first time we have competed as teammates against each other.

It was a moral victory for Nanni and Kologie.

Carl Kologie is a columnist for The Indiana Gazette.
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