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Day celebrates flowery acts of kindness

by on June 28, 2014 11:00 AM

Sunday is International Lonely Bouquet Day.

That means that all over the world people have a chance to brighten others’ day through a simple gesture — leaving a bouquet of flowers in a random place for someone else to take.

“The ultimate goal of this initiative is to dedicate one day a year to making strangers happy,” according to

[PHOTO: Mariah Hays, of Rose of Sharon Flower Shop in Clymer, placed a bouquet on steps along Philadelphia Street leading to the birthplace of the late actor Jimmy Stewart. (Jamie Empfield/Gazette)]

Participants are encouraged to gather flowers from a local florist, from the garden or straight from nature; arrange them in a small, recycled jar or tie them off with twine; add a “take me!” tag; and leave the arrangement behind for someone to take home.

Though the program’s national day of recognition is on Sunday, people participate in the initiative year round.

When someone finds a left-behind bouquet, the tag on it encourages them to register it on, where it is added to the national map of bouquets that have also been registered.

Tammy Dalton, of Rose of Sharon Flower Shop in Clymer, has been participating in the program year-round for a few years now.

“What you do is throw bouquets through your community at random places,” Dalton said.

“It’s just a pick-me-up. If you’re lucky enough to find one, you can register it online to let them know you found it.”

She’s been watching for her bouquets on the site since she started participating.

“Last year I left one at the Sheetz in Clymer and it ended up in Harrisburg,” she said.

For International Lonely Bouquet Day on Sunday, Dalton is teaming up with Mary Sardone of Flo’s Floral and Gift Shop in Homer City to spread cheer by way of bouquet all over Indiana County.

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