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Escaped pig back home, officials say

by on March 24, 2014 11:00 AM

A domesticated pig that escaped from its pen in White Township and dodged authorities for several hours Saturday in Indiana has been returned to its home, authorities reported this morning.

His name is Sambo, one of several pigs owned by Mark Musser and his family in the East Pike area.

Lisa Wier, the manager of the kennel at the Humane Society animal shelter along Rose Street, said Sambo was claimed and taken home Sunday.

“A tree had fallen on the fence and he got loose,” Wier said.

[PHOTO: Indiana Borough police officers and Indiana County Humane Society workers chased the loose pig Saturday. From left are Mike Cressley, the Humane Society’s kennel technician, and Officer Terry Cramer. (Michael Walker/Gazette photo)

Sambo went unnoticed all the way to the residential neighborhoods in southeastern of Indiana Borough, where Washington Street residents first phoned the borough police just after 2 p.m. to report their pig sightings. The pig got as far as South Third Street and ran through the yards of homes between Washington Street and Poplar Avenue on his brief experience with freedom. Sambo dodged police officers, the Indiana County Animal Response Team and area residents for almost three hours before he was cornered, captured and taken to the shelter for the night.

“He is really happy to be home,” Tara Musser said this morning. “He was out of his element.”

The Mussers also keep cattle and chickens on their homestead, but don’t consider their property to be a working farm.

Sambo is 2 years old, and Tara Musser said he is of a Heritage breed.

“There is a wild side to him, but he is domesticated, he was born here,” she said.

Officials estimated his weight at 200 pounds, but Sambo actually tips the scales at 325, Wier said.

No permits or licenses are required for owning a pig as a pet in White Township, an official at the municipal office said this morning.

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