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The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is encouraging Pennsylvanians to sign up for two free programs aimed at saving lives in emergency situations — the Yellow Dot and Emergency Contact Information (ECI) programs.

“Emergency responders need as much information as possible as quickly as possible when victims are in a crash or emergency situation,” PennDOT Secretary Barry Schoch said. “These programs provide vital information on victims when they can’t speak for themselves.”

Participants in the Yellow Dot program fill out the program form with their emergency contact, medical contact and medical information, insert it in the program’s folder and then place it in their vehicle’s glove compartment. Participants then place a yellow dot sticker on their vehicle’s rear window. This sticker alerts emergency responders to check a vehicle’s glove compartment for the folder, helping emergency responders provide specific care to participants after a crash.

The ECI program offers Pennsylvania driver’s license and PennDOT-issued ID holders the opportunity to log into a secure database and list two emergency contacts.

Customers can update the information as needed, but only law enforcement officials can view their information in the system. In emergencies, law enforcement can use participants’ ID to find their emergency contact information.

While the Yellow Dot program is used only in vehicle crashes, the ECI program is usable in other emergencies as well as crashes.

Since Gov. Tom Corbett announced the programs in November 2012, nearly 100,000 Yellow Dot kits have been distributed and 12,400 people have registered for the ECI program.

To learn more about the Yellow Dot program or to sign up for a program folder, visit

To sign up for the ECI program, visit and click on the program icon.

— Randy Wells

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