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Indiana school board, White tax collector results

by By The Indiana Gazette on May 22, 2013 2:00 AM

The marquee contest in the spring primary election will remain competitive through the general election in November, as five out of eight candidates won nominations for four full terms on the Indiana Area School District board of directors.

The numbers are final, with ballots from all 69 precincts in Indiana County tabulated, but unofficial, pending certification by the county board of elections.

In alphabetical order, the five candidates winning slots on the fall ballot are Deborah Clawson, Julia Trimarchi Cuccaro, Diana Paccapaniccia, Walter Schroth and John Uccellini.

Schroth, who placed first on the Republican ballot, fell short of winning a Democratic nomination.

John Uccellini won a Democratic nomination.

The others were nominated by both parties.

In a race for a two-year term on the school board — the unexpired term vacated just six months following the November 2011 election — John Barbor defeated Rob Werner for nominations on both Republican and Democratic sides, polling 825 to 636 (56.3 to 43.4 percent) among Democrats and 1,110 to 1,030 (51.6 to 47.9 percent) among Republicans.

The results for the four-year terms, on the Democratic side:

Clawson, 889 (16 percent); Cuccaro, 801 (14.4 percent); Uccellini, 713 (12.8 percent); and Paccapaniccia, 663 (11.9 percent). Those trailing were Eric Palmer, 651 (11.7 percent), Schroth, 650 (11.7 percent); Danica Jackson, 588 (10.6 percent); and Doug Steve, 578 (10.4 percent).

The four-year term results on the Republican side:

Schroth, 1,257 (15.9 percent); Clawson, 1,140 (14.4 percent); Cuccaro, 1,063 (13.5 percent); and Paccapaniccia, 974 (12.3 percent). Those falling short of nominations were Palmer, 957 (12.1 percent); Uccellini, 913 (11.6 percent); Steve, 858 (10.9 percent); and Jackson, 676 (8.56 percent).

The election for White Township tax collector, which drew the most attention from candidates — nine Republicans and three Democrats — of all races in the county this spring, was handily decided on both ballots. Republican Jeff Mack received 521 votes (32.4 percent), more than twice those of the second-place finisher Mark Milner, 221 (13.8 percent). On the Democratic side, Barbara Levine won 472 votes (52.2 percent), also more than double the figure of the next nearest candidate, William Winters, 210 votes (23.2 percent).

Read a full report of results of all contested races for Indiana County row offices, boroughs, townships and school boards Wednesday in The Indiana Gazette.

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