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INDIANA: School directors approve extra-duty, extra-pay assignments

by on May 16, 2014 10:59 AM

The Indiana Area school board on Monday approved extra duty/extra pay assignments providing a total of $359,058 in stipends for 74 positions:

• Assistant senior high athletic director, Jody Lewandowski, $8,308.

• Assistant junior high athletic director, Scott Mossgrove, $8,308.

• Head varsity football coach, Mark Zilinskas, $15,056.

• Assistant senior high football coaches, Eric Brocious, Donald Bowers, William Waryck and John Chakot, $6,396 each.

• Assistant junior high football coaches, Michael Boiano, Brian Schreyer, Jeff Duffee and Michael Weaver, $6,396 each.

• Assistant junior high football coaches, Spencer Sadler, Lucas Chakot and Eric Wetzel, $2,046 each.

• Girls junior high assistant basketball coaches, David Woodall and Otto Peterson, $4,864 each.

• Senior high head cross country coach, Lisa Kinter, $4,933.

• Senior high assistant cross country coach, Chris Geddis, $1,492.

• Junior high head cross country coach, Candice Lockard, $2,313

• Junior high assistant cross country coach, Mike Griffith, $1,492.

• Senior high boys’ head soccer coach, Todd Myers, $6,385.

• Junior high boys’ assistant soccer coaches, Joe Cronan, Matt McKelvey and Matt Daymut, $3,566 each.

• Senior high girls head soccer coach, James Thompson, $4,788.

• Junior high girls’ assistant soccer coach, Thomas Angelo, $3,566.

• Senior high boys’ head golf coach, Dave Myers, $4,507.

• Senior high girls’ head golf coach, Elmer Bland, $4,507.

• Senior high girls’ head tennis coach, Ray Goss, $4,507.

• Senior high girls’ assistant tennis coach, Philip Palko, $2,188.

• Senior high girls’ volleyball coach, Malinda Oesterling, $4,507.

• Senior high girls’ assistant volleyball coach, Paula McKee, $2,188.

• Senior high fall cheerleader assistant, Becky Moody, $1,573.

• Junior high fall cheerleader coordinator, Kaitlyn Fung, $1,489.

• Senior high dramatics coordinator, Leah Lyons, $5,519. Lyons also was appointed senior high dramatics director, first show, $2,393; senior high dramatics director, second show, $2,393; and senior high dramatics director, third show, $2,393; senior high dramatics musical director, $3,434; and senior high dramatics choreographer, $1,063.

• Senior high dramatics tech assistant, Mark Rend and Keaton Stants, $3,761.

• Senior high dramatics vocal director, Julianne Laird, $2,163. Laird also was named senior high orchestra director, $1,248.

• Senior high dramatics orchestra director, Nevin Saylor, $2,163. Saylor also was named senior high marching band and concert band director, $7,819; and senior high stage and instrumental groups director, $1,598.

• Senior high dramatics costume design, Judy Holliday, $1,063.

• Senior high assistant band director, Jason Olear, $3,484.

• Senior high band front assistants, Jackie Cupp, Danielle Olear, Craig Olear and Scott Kemerer, $3,155 each.

• Senior high vocal groups director, Scott Salser, $1,598.

• Senior high yearbook adviser, Pam Distefano, $2,923.

• Senior high newspaper adviser, Larry Nath, $2,300.

• Senior high SGA adviser, Michael Bertig, $1,276.

• Senior high senior class adviser, Traci Sexton, $968.

• Senior high TV/video production coordinator, Erik Puskar, $2,545.

• Junior high dramatics coordinator Robyn Orchard, $5,519. Orchard also was named junior high dramatics show director, $1,671; junior high dramatics musical director, $2,571; junior high newspaper adviser, $1,671; and junior high forensics coach, $1,367.

• Junior high dramatics tech assistant, Tom Angelo, $1,248.

• Junior high dramatics vocal director, Ellen Werner, $1,491. Werner also was named junior high vocal groups director, $1,248.

• Junior high dramatics choreographer, Lucinda Kline, $1,063.

• Junior high dramatics orchestra director, Jason Rummel, $1,491. Rummel also was appointed junior high marching band director, $1,950; junior high concert band and special groups, $1,248.

• Junior high orchestra and instrumental group, Julianne Laird, $1,248.

• Junior high yearbook adviser, Sarah Kovach, $1,671.

• Junior high SGA adviser, Lisa Kinter, $1,276.

• Senior high boys’ head basketball coach, Greg Lezanic, $9,032

• Senior high boys’ assistant basketball coach, Lynn Fry, $6,215.

• Junior high boys’ assistant basketball coaches, Gary DeVivo, Andy Lansberry and Zachary Whited, $4,864 each.

• Senior high girls’ head basketball coach, David Woodall, $9,032

• Senior high girls’ assistant basketball coach, Otto Peterson, $6,215.

• Senior high head wrestling coach, Anthony Donatelli, $9,032.

• Senior high assistant wrestling coach, Larry Reefer, $5,254.

• Junior high head wrestling coach, Steve Palmer, $5,844.

• Junior high assistant wrestling coach, Jeff Duffee, $4,009.

• Senior high head winter track coach, Steve Cochran, $3,184.

• Senior high assistant winter track coach, Lisa Kinter, $1,295.

• Senior high swimming coach, Garet Weston, $9,305.

• Senior high assistant swimming coaches, Kim Hartle and Valerie Haney, $5,098.

• Senior high rifle coach, John Hartman, $4,507.

• Senior high assistant rifle coach, Richard Gemmell, $2,188.

• Senior high assistant cheerleader coordinator, Katie Trenney, $1,573.

• Junior high cheerleader coordinator, Kaitlyn Fung, $1,489

• Senior high fall cheerleader coordinator, Sarah Svonavec, $2,400, and senior high winter cheerleader coordinator, $2,400.

The school board also approved athletic event admission rates for 2014-15 for varsity football, reserved, $6; varsity football, gate, $5; varsity football, student, $2; varsity wrestling, adult, $4; varsity wrestling, student, $2; varsity basketball, adult, $5; varsity basketball, student, $2; varsity volleyball, adult, $4; varsity volleyball, student, $2; varsity soccer, evenings and Saturdays, adult, $4; varsity soccer, evenings and Saturdays, student, $2; junior high football, evenings, adult; $2; and junior high football, evenings, student, $1.

Season pass prices were set for varsity football, adult, $4 per home game; and varsity basketball, adult, $4 per home game.

The maximum family rates for events will be based on the admission rates for two parents or guardians and three dependent children.

The board also approved lists of complimentary tickets allowed for football and basketball seasons.

The school board approved payment for six nurses and six support staff to conduct sports physicals on May 31 at per diem rates for nurses and hours rates for support staff.

In other business Monday, the school board:

• Learned from high school Spanish teacher Dan Murphy that the student-exchange program plans to host 10 students from Spain in the district and to send eight Indiana students to Malaga from Nov. 3 to 24.

• Learned from Robert Piccirillo, of the Indiana County Technology Center faculty, that ICTC is hosting a project to increase awareness of concussions and other traumatic brain injuries. The “Save Your Brain: Indiana County Concussion Awareness Initiative” is preparing a comprehensive report of recommendations for schools to help injured students adjust to their challenges in education, including academic, vocational, technical and other programs.

• Welcomed District Superintendent Dale Kirsch back to the office following a one-month medical leave. Kirsch said he worked a couple of days last week, will be in the office a couple days this week, then return full time next week.

Kirsch and the board thanked Rodney Green, of the Altoona area, for his service as interim superintendent during Kirsch’s absence.

• Welcomed Dereck Yoder as the student representative to the board. Yoder, who will be a senior next year, succeeds Nyla Numan. The board’s student director may take part in discussion but is not allowed to vote on board business.

The board will hold no special meeting this month, and will next meet on June 9.

Chauncey Ross is the Gazette’s fixture at Indiana Area and Homer-Center school board meetings, has been seen with pen and notepad in area police stations and courts, and is something of an Open Records Act and Sunshine Law advocate. He also manages the Gazette’s websites and answers your questions about them.
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