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IUP names Provost Scholars

on December 21, 2008 12:00 AM

The following students from the area have been recognized as a Provost Scholar at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. At the start of the fall semester, any undergraduate student who meets the following requirement is eligible to be named a Provost Scholar: a current junior with a minimum of 45 semester hours earned at IUP with a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher. Provost Scholar recognition is given only once during a student’s time of study at IUP.



Dayton: Jason Stephen Schrecongost, B.S. in Management Information Systems

Elderton: Marissa R. Bruno, B.S.E.D. in Music Education



Nanty Glo: Jessica Renee McEvoy, B.S. in Management; Julie Ann Ostinowsky, B.S.E.D. in Health and Physical Education; Rachel A. Teeter, B.A. in Psychology

Nicktown: Travis George Bobik, B.A. in Criminology

Northern Cambria: Caitlin Elizabeth Hamryszak, B.S. in Communications Media; Shea L. Parfitt, B.S. in Accounting; Christina Marie Rocco, B.S. in Marketing; Jessica Valeria, B.S.E.D. in Elementary Education



La Jose: Dora Marie Smith, B.S.E.D. in Elementary Education

Mahaffey: Kelly Francis Ridgway, B.S.E.D. in Early Childhood Education



Blairsville: Kayla Lynn Machak, B.S.E.D. in Education of Exceptional Persons

Cherry Tree: Julie A. Lowe, B.S.E.D. in Early Childhood Education; Michelle Kay Matko, B.S.E.D. in Family and Consumer Science Education

Clymer: Kenneth J. Glassford, B.S. in Biology; Kelly J. Houser, B.S. in Business Technology Support; Brent L. Kensey, B.A. in Computer Science; Steven J. Koches, B.S. in Hospitality Management; Megan Danielle Matko, B.S.E.D. in Early Childhood Education

Glen Campbell: Sarah J. Reid, B.A. in Economics

Home: Tiffany N. Cornman, BSED in Mathematics Education; Amanda Louise Griffith, B.A. in Psychology; James Paul Shellhammer, B.S. in Natural Science; Jenna Adele Sitosky, B.S.E.D. in Speech and Language Pathology Education

Homer City: Jessica Sue Beere, B.A. in Psychology; Kari Cathleen Cameron, B.S. in Accounting; Sherry M. Duncan, B.S.E.D. in Early Childhood Education; Kayla N. Foust, B.S.E.D. in Early Childhood Education

Indiana: Leonard Carl Anderson, B.A. in Journalism; Matthew Alexander Browe, B.S. in Natural Science; Megan Elizabeth Bush, B.S.E.D. in Elementary Education; Jacqueline Rose Buterbaugh, B.S.E.D. in Elementary Education; Jennifer Casanova, B.S. in Chemistry; Hope Marie Detweiler, B.S. in Accounting; Ashley D. Dodson, B.S.E.D. in Health and Physical Education; Hally L. Dravecky, B.S.E.D. in Family and Consumer Science Education; Tiffany Marie Dyer, B.S. in Biology; Megan R. Filler, B.S.E.D. in Elementary Education; Evan John Grabowski, B.S.E.D. in Music Education; Heather N. Harvey, B.S.E.D. in Elementary Education; Chloe Elizabeth Hatcher, B.S.E.D. in Elementary Education; Carissa Michelle Hines, B.S. in Biology; Rachel Arlia Holuta, B.S.E.D. in Elementary Education; John Michael Kopczyk, B.S. in Mathematics; Christopher Michael Kuhar, B.S. in Management; Ayanda Martha Masilela, B.A. in Geography; Misty Caitlin McCurdy, B.S.E.D. in Art Education; Zachary Michael Morrow, B.S. in Finance; Lauralee Ann Neale, B.A. in Psychology; Nicholas Joseph Parrish, B.S. in Management; Stephanie Elise Phillips, B.S.E.D. in Music Education; Adam Alexander Prato, B.S. in Safety Sciences; Valerie D. Quarles, B.S.E.D. in Elementary Education; Jason Hrvoje Rados, B.A. in Economics; Zack Michael Ramey, B.S.E.D. in Art Education; Sara M. Rising, B.A. in Journalism; Nicole Ruth Roser, B.A. in Journalism; Jacob Shane Rougeaux, B.A. in Geography; Christina N. Samuels, B.A. in Anthropology; Kithmini Nissantha Seneviratne, B.A. in Anthropology; Scott Daniel Shirley, B.S. in Physical Education and Sport; Alyssa M. Shubra, B.S. in Accounting; Emily L. Shubra, B.S. in Accounting; Shawna Lynn Smith, B.S. in Safety Sciences; Michael John Stewart, B.A. in Criminology; Jeneanne G. Taylor, B.S. in Management Information Systems; Josephine Siena Tidwell, B.A. in Biology; Elise S. Vanderneck, B.S. in Child and Family Studies; Jing Weng, B.S. in Accounting; Tricia M. Whitesel, B.S. in Safety Sciences; Tabitha Ann Yagle, B.S. in Finance; Robert Emerson Zuzek, B.A. in Anthropology

Marion Center: Lindsey Marie Stefurak, B.S. in Accounting

Penn Run: Jeanette Alison Shaffer, B.S. in Management; Randall Conner Strong, B.A. in Psychology

Plumville: Samantha Jourdan Mallik, B.S. in Nutrition

Rossiter: Ashley Nicole Hill, B.S. in Biology

Saltsburg: Katie Mae Provias, B.S. in Accounting

Smicksburg: Tara Leann DeVaughn, BA in Criminology



Brookville: Caitlin Jo Cook, B.S.E.D. in Elementary Education; Mark Edward Wolfe, B.A. in Psychology

Punxsutawney: Kaylah M. Burke, B.A. in Psychology; Adrienne Jonquil Goss, B.A. in Sociology; Michele Lynn Seger, B.S. in Safety Sciences; Amanda Ann Setree, B.S.E.D. in French Education; Jennifer L. Skarbek, B.S.E.D. in English Education

Sykesville: Renee Lee Gamble, B.S. in Nursing; Thomas Everett Nichols, B.S. in Athletic Training



Apollo: April Jean Pollock, B.S. in Marketing; Sarah Elizabeth Walker, B.A. in Psychology

Bolivar: Bridget E. Young, B.A. in Religious Studies

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