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National Newspaper Week: The Indiana Gazette Online

by on October 09, 2013 11:00 AM

The New Look: 

Though The Indiana Gazette Online was launched in 2000, this year it underwent a major overhaul. Re-launched in April, the Gazette is now hosted by

By the Numbers: 

  • More than 1 million monthly pageviews
  • Unique Visitors have grown by 163%this year
  • Digital Revenue has increased 100% this year 

Online Features: 

Few people use the phone book or Yellow Pages these days. When they need to find a plumber, doctor, or even a place to go eat, chances are they “Google” it. allows businesses to improve their results on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. 

The Gazette is also home to an online business directory that can connect our readers to the websites of local businesses. Businesses can also utilize email, video and promote special deals to interact with our readers and inform them about what they have to offer.

Community Calendar: Subscribers of The Indiana Gazette have the option of submitting their own events to The Indiana Gazette Online’s extensive Community Calendar.

Social Media:


  • Our biggest local stories
  • Area sports news
  • Feature photos


  • Weather and emergency updates
  • All local content
  • Highlights and featured sports updates


  • Home and lifestyle news
  • House of the Week
  • Book reviewsRecipes
  • Travel stories

Who's behind the digital experience:

Chauncey Ross, web editor

Chauncey is responsible for organizing the news content published online after it appears in the paper each day. I assure that the stories written by our reporters, submitted by our readers or published by Associated Press arearranged so our visitors can easily find the information they need.

In addition to sharing the daily edition of the newspaper when it is put to bed, he arranges during the rest of the day to post updates of new and developing stories of interest to our growing online audience.

Chris Miller, digital media strategist

A recent study showed the average person spends one in every 12 waking minutes on the net. Just think about how many times you check your smartphone or iPad for updates. You may be searching social networking sites or getting news updates.  Chris’ job is to help get your business and its message in front of those people.

Chris works with local businesses to develop online marketing strategies to give them more exposure on the Internet while still reaching a local audience.

Ellen Matis, digital media coordinator

Do you ever wonder who you’re talking to when you send a message or comment on the Gazette’s Facebook or tweet to @IndianaGazette?  Chances are, you’re talking to Ellen, our digital media coordinator. 

The newest member of the Gazette web team, she manages social media, including Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin for the newspaper, as well as develops special-section pages on the website, most recently, “The Off-Beat Goes On,” an Indiana Gazette Online exclusive section. 



Ellen Matis is the digital media coordinator and a staff writer at The Indiana Gazette. She is the person behind the Gazette's social media. A 2012 graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Ellen has a degree in journalism and public relations. Follow her on Twitter, @EllenMatis, or email her at
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