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Painting concrete cuts down on rink prep

by JULIE E. MARTIN on August 18, 2013 1:50 AM

A few coats of paint have nearly cut in half the time it takes for the hockey rink at the S&T Arena in White Township to freeze.

This summer, those at the arena decided to paint the markings for hockey games directly onto its concrete floor, rather than go through a more extensive process of getting the floor cold, freezing a layer of ice, then painting, according to township manager Milt Lady.

The ice rink, part of the township’s recreational complex, originally had a sand-based floor, which was replaced with concrete about two years ago. Unlike its predecessor, the concrete floor can be painted.

That was taken care of earlier this summer. Rink workers began freezing the floor on Wednesday. The ice is in place and was being smoothed Friday, according to Lady.

Because the concrete is painted, the time it takes to prepare the rink for the season has been cut down from about one week to three or four days.

Before, painting alone could take up to three days “around the clock,” Lady said.

“It will save us some time and it will probably look nicer, too,” he said, “because it will be brighter.”

The first chance to find out is Monday, when the ice rink opens for the season.

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