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The steps you need to know, at a glance...

Drying tips

• Dried fruit can be eaten as snacks or soaked for 1 to 2 hours and used in recipes.

• Apples, apricots, pears and bananas dry well.

• Healthy fruit leathers can be made from overripe fruit.

Freezing tips

• Always clean your produce before freezing to ensure it is free of insects and contaminants.

• Avoid placing anything hot in your freezer, as this can raise the temperature of the entire freezer, causing items to thaw slightly.

• Use ice cube trays to freeze pureed fruit to add extra vitamins, minerals and fiber to a drink.

Canning tips

• To ensure that a jar is sealed tight, push on the top-center of each lid. If it is not sealed, it will push back up after you apply pressure.

• Do not reuse canning lids for re-canning. Once you break the seal on a canned product, it becomes less reliable.

• Rings should be removed from the cans when storing to help easily spot bulging cans. If a canning lid is bulging or has lost its seal, immediately throw the food away as it is likely to be contaminated.

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