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Purchase Line looks to add AmeriCorps position

by SEAN YODER on August 05, 2014 10:50 AM

The Purchase Line school board discussed a possible AmeriCorps position within the district during its work session Monday night.

This is the first year the school district has applied to the AmeriCorps program. The program is offered though an agreement with Appalachia Intermediate Unit 8. The cost to the district would be $9,600, according to Superintendent Joseph Bradley.

“Our whole goal is for academic improvement of our students through the use of this volunteer,” Bradley said. “So whether it’s looking at data, or helping individual students with tutoring, anything they can do to improve performance.”

The volunteer will only aid in pre-existing programs in the district. Federal statutes require that volunteers only supplement what district teachers are already doing such as helping with remediation on state standardized tests.

The volunteer will be placed by the Pennsylvania Mountain Service Corps, a local initiative of AmeriCorps.

The principals of each building will oversee the volunteer.

In other business, policy manuals will also be updated in the coming weeks to notify students, faculty, staff and parents that buses will now be recording audio as well as video. The district has recorded video of students on buses for years but a new law passed in February permits them to add audio as well.

There is a strict protocol on those tapes, officials said. Only an administrator from the school can request footage and audio from Tri County Transportation, the district’s busing contractor. The video may also be shared with the superintendent or, in the case of a single student, with a parent.

The board also learned that the security upgrades to the cafeteria are nearly finished. Two years ago, state police assessed the district’s facilities and advised the board that the cafeteria was vulnerable if there was an outside shooter. The wall facing into the hallway, where there used to be 3 feet of wall and the rest windows, has been raised to nearly 6 feet. The same was done to the wall facing the outside of the building, where anyone passing by could see many students in one large room.

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