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PURCHASE LINE: Musical directors needed for play

by on February 04, 2014 10:55 AM

PURCHASE LINE — The Purchase Line school board discussed hiring a musical drama director and an assistant musical director for the upcoming spring play during a work session Monday at the high school.

The people in those two positions work in tandem with the play’s co-directors in preparing students for the play, according to the board.

The position of musical drama director was previously held by Rebecca Bracken, who has since moved up to the position of co-director. The position of assistant musical director was vacated by Larry Peterson. Paula Saylor is the second co-director.

“This whole thing really should have taken place in the fall,” said board member William Pearce. “By the time they do the auditions, which traditionally happen before Christmas … the thing is up and running and the drama coach is working from day one with those kids.”

No names have been considered yet for the positions. The musical drama director position has an entry salary of $1,000, while assistant musical director has an entry salary of $775.

In other business, board Vice President James Stiffler commented on the proposal to solicit bids for resurfacing the track running around the football field.

Following the resurfacing of the football field itself, it was found that there is a two-foot difference in level from one end of the track to the other. Stiffler worried that with the renovations to the field, the uneven track would become even more visible, “like you’re putting a crooked porch on a straight house.”

“I’m curious before we start resurfacing something (at a cost of $45,000), is there anything else we can be doing to fix that?” Stiffler said.

“It’s ugly,” board member David Syster said.

The board also raised concern that, with an uneven track, the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association may not sanction the track should a student break a PIAA record. The board conceded some research would have to be done before any decision could be made.

Maintenance manager Carl Jones reported that the resurfacing of both the football and band fields is coming along as scheduled, but the weather will determine when the planting process will begin.

The board will also consider renewing the following athletic contracts: Janessa Hardesty and Greg Pack for assistant junior high volleyball coaches. No salaries were given.

The board will also vote on opening the position of assistant baseball coach for the 2014 season that was vacated by Patrick Nagle.

Jeremy Hartley is a staff writer for The Indiana Gazette.
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