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Reassessment: What to expect

on August 21, 2013 10:55 AM

Data collectors with Evaluator Services and Technology are fanning out into White Township today to begin the first step of the property reassessment project in the county. Here’s what you should expect:

• Each data collector will knock at the front door of the primary residence, show a county-issued ID, and ask several questions about the property.

• At no time will the data collector enter your home.

• The data collector will take photos of the property and note details about the structures, such as basic layout, the number of stories, the age of the buildings, etc. A questionnaire will be left for the homeowner to complete about the interior of the building.

• For commercial and industrial buildings, data collectors will ask about rents being paid, where applicable (the information is kept confidential).

• If someone comes to your home, says he is a data collector but fails to produce the proper credentials, notify the police and the reassessment office.

For more information visit; email; or call (724) 471-2671.

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