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STEVE WOLFE'S SEEDS OF WELLNESS: Time for your checkup

by on April 23, 2013 10:49 AM

Even though it has taken much longer than most of us would like, spring is finally here.

We’ve all been anxious to get outside, enjoy some sunshine, and take stock of winter’s wrath on our house and yard.

This annual checkup of our properties is how we assess what needs to be done to either get us back to the status quo or to begin some much-needed and wanted improvements.

It’s often ironic that we take so much pride in our yards and yet we rarely do the same evaluations or assessments of our own bodies and health.

A few years ago, we ran commercials that encouraged you to take care of yourself as well as you do the things around you — including your yard and house. But it’s much easier to see the brown spot in the yard than it is to see a cholesterol level that’s dangerously high or the fact that your poor sleeping habits could be affecting your heart.

We understand the importance of regular assessments and screenings, and that’s why we even have basic health assessments on our website.

The HealthAware risk assessments can tell you if you need to seek further treatment for any number of abnormalities.

The assessments include: diabetes, heart, sleep, lung, vascular, spine, joint and weight.

Each topic contains seven to 10 questions, takes less than five minutes to complete, and answers are completely confidential.

You can also elect to have a health care professional contact you if you like. You can do as many of the assessments as you like, and as often as you like from the privacy of your own home — or even on your phone.

And speaking of phones, we also have started a new app that allows you to let us know that you’re coming to UrgiCare.

It doesn’t make your appointment, but it does alert our staff of your arrival and allows them to be better prepared.

The app is called iTriage, and it’s available for free.

It also tells you directions and the average wait times for urgent care centers and ERs no matter where you are in the country.

Just imagine if our yards told us when they needed fertilizer or when they didn’t. We trust our regular habits and weather patterns to tell us what to do. Our bodies are much more complex. They don’t always have screaming warning signals, and oftentimes we don’t listen to them anyway.

Take a few minutes this spring and do some annual maintenance and assessment of yourself.

You are worth it.

Steve Wolfe, the President and CEO of Indiana Regional Medical Center, writes the periodic Seeds of Wellness column in The Indiana Gazette. His columns appear Tuesdays on the Health Page in the paper and in the Community News on The Indiana Gazette Online.
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