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Tour will showcase local potters

by EMILY WEBER on October 13, 2013 1:45 AM

The Indiana County Potters will hold their annual tour of 11 studios, showcasing the work of 22 area potters, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

Participating potters will sell their wares and display their wheels, kilns and other pottery tools during this free, self-guided tour.

Now in its eighth year, the Potters Studio Tour was born out of the annual Artist Open Studio Tour, held every September, which gives visitors a behind-the-scenes look at the studios of local painters, sculptors and potters.

The potters started their own tour in 2005 and have focused only on pottery, according to Rita Nichols, of Windblown Studio in Rochester Mills. This will be her fifth year on the tour.

“We’re trying to keep the focus on pottery because that’s why so many people come,” she said. “It would dilute the focus if we included a lot of different things.”

The potters expect quite a few visitors over the weekend as the tour has become more popular over the years.

“It gets so crazy busy during the tour, so it’s hard to keep an accurate visitor count,” Nichols said. “But it’s grown considerably in the last three years as it’s become more well-known outside the area.”

Visitors come for the two-day tour from as far away as Scranton, Cleveland and West Virginia, she said. Some visitors come to shop, while others are interested in pottery as a hobby.

“The majority of people are shopping, but if they drag their husbands along, they’re not into shopping, so they watch the demonstrations,” Nichols said. “We try to keep things interesting for everyone. We have people who are fledgling potters who are learning what it’s like to be a potter and sell your work.”

Potters Donn Hedman, Greg Daniels, Randy Myers and Daryn Lowman will display their work at 1636 Wells Road, Smicksburg; Cathy Bizousky, at Stoke Hole Pottery, will show off her pottery at 841 Reams Road, White Township; Ruth Ferrier will exhibit her work at 2575 East Creek Road, Rochester Mills; Michael Smithhammer will showcase his work at 625 Lutz Road, White Township; JR Sherburne will display his pottery at The Artist’s Hand Gallery, 732 Philadelphia St., Indiana; Janet Runyan and Bob Bonnet will be at 267 Steffy Road, Marion Center; Nichols, Neil Fallon and Fred Wilbur will exhibit their work at 596 Wulfert Road, Rochester Mills; Colleen Toledano and Birchand Debra Frew will display their work at 841 Reams Road, White Township; Leslie Caylor will be at 157 Beaver Drive, Rochester Mills; Betty Hedman, Eric Hahn and Josh Floyd will show off their pottery at 105 Kittanning St., Smicksburg; and Nancy Smeltzer and Kyle Houser will be at 87 Clarion St., Smicksburg.

For a tour map and directions to the studios, visit

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