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Two home invasion suspects in custody, third at large

by HEATHER ROTH on May 03, 2013 11:00 AM

Three men have been charged in connection with a drug-related home invasion robbery on Wayne Avenue Monday, and Indiana Borough police said more arrests are expected as the investigation continues.

Police said Shaquille Howard, 19, of Robinson; Deontae Bradley, 19, of Pittsburgh; and Jalil Dill, 20, of Indiana, have been charged in the incident. Bradley and Dill are currently incarcerated in the Allegheny County Jail on unrelated charges; a warrant has been issued for Howard’s arrest.

According to the charging documents filed against Howard, three black men broke into an apartment at 642 Wayne Ave. around 2:50 a.m. Monday and one, wearing a purple hoodie, hit resident Matthew Magill on the top of the head with a handgun. They demanded money and drugs; when Magill tried to fight them off, a second man put him in a headlock and choked him until he fell onto the floor, according to the charging documents.

They then stole $900 out of a top dresser drawer, according to the documents. Nicholas Gressang and Leigh Ann Lubas were also in the residence at the time; all three are students at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Howard is also listed as an IUP student.

Later that afternoon police met with Magill, who told them that Dill and Howard had been in his home in the past year, and so would know that drugs were present in the home.

Dill and Bradley were arrested that evening in Pittsburgh on unrelated warrants, and Bradley had a Sar Arms 9 mm pistol at the time of his arrest, the documents state. Howard and several other men were at the same location but not arrested, according to police.

On Tuesday police met with Dill, who said he, Bradley, Howard and two other men identified only as D-Buck and Lil Black spent Sunday evening at one of his girlfriends’ residence at Sylvan Glen Apartments. He said the other men went back to Pittsburgh around 2 a.m. because D-Buck had “a legit job” and had to work in the morning, according to the documents.

But when Howard, Bradley and Lil Black returned Monday morning, they were talking about “choking someone out.”

Dill denied planning or being aware of any robbery, though he did say he was given $50, police said.

Bradley, though, told police that he and three other men committed the robbery at Dill’s suggestion, according to the charging documents.

He said they spent the evening smoking marijuana, and that Magill and Dill were texting about a possible marijuana sale. Then Dill suggested that they just rob him, Bradley said.

Because he would recognize Dill, Bradley said they left him behind. He might also recognize Howard, who pulled his hoodie up to cover his face, Bradley said.

Sometime after midnight Bradley said they went to the apartment and he forced open the door and pointed his gun at Magill. When Magill tried to resist, he told police, he hit him in the head and that Howard put him in a headlock and choked him out.

Bradley told police he then entered the bedroom where the other occupants were in bed; he told them to look down while he took the money from the top dresser drawer.

After fleeing the house, they drove D-Buck back to Pittsburgh, then returned to Indiana with Howard and Lil Black to pick up Dill and return to Pittsburgh.

Bradley said he was wearing the purple hoodie described by Magill; he also described the person he robbed as “a tall white man with a lot of hair,” which fits Magill’s description, according to the charging documents.

Police said D-Buck is from Homewood, with a tattoo on his face and short braided dreadlocks; Lil Black was not described.

Howard and Bradley were charged with robbery, aggravated assault, burglary and theft; Howard was also charged with simple assault.

Dill was charged with criminal conspiracy to robbery, burglary and theft.

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