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UNITED: School board approves renovation changes

by on March 14, 2013 10:40 AM

ARMAGH — The United School District Board of Directors on Tuesday approved several additional change orders related to the school district’s elementary renovation project as it moves closer to completion.

Vice President Trudy DeRubis said the project is still coming in well within budget and is almost finished.

A date for a rededication ceremony is still in the works, she said.

The board accepted change orders from G.M. McCrossin Inc. for $1,225.46 for a smoke detector, $1,721.37 to move two receptacles and two heaters, $2,555.04 for adding duplex receptacles and related circuits, $6,579.44 for repairs to existing site lighting and $2,975.45 for electrical modifications/repairs to the existing Phase 11 area, and from Mid-State Construction Inc. for $912.02 for wall carpet, $702.26 for UV locations wall carpeting and a $4,224 credit for AC plywood infills at the gym.

The board denied a change order from Mid-State for a credit of $3,165.36 for not painting the maintenance garage and storage receiving room. Board Vice President Trudy DeRubis said the company “wanted us to elect not to have them do the painting” and just credit the money because of the labor involved.

Mid-State still has to do the painting, she said.

The board also approved quotes from Smart Office Services (Your Office Outlet) for bookcases and shelving for $5,354, Lakeshore for carpets at $1,363.90, Virco for furniture at $9,334.78 and KOH Design Inc. for rail and bracket systems for the smart boards at $2,955.

The costs are to be paid out of the district’s construction fund.

The board also granted Finance Director Tammy Tuccarello and HHSDR permission to prepare and advertise for requests for bids for the replacement of the elementary gym floor.

Superintendent Barbara Parkins said what the company wanted to do was put plywood down where the bleachers roll out.

The floor was coated with Pulastic, which started tearing in places where the bleacher rollers come out, she said.

Another coat was put on a few years ago, and it tore over top of the existing tears.

The company came in and offered yet another coat with reinforcement or a replacement, and Parkins said the district decided to go with the replacement.

“We’re renovating that building so it looks like a new building. … I just fear that even though they say there’s this reinforcing — I think it’s fiberglass, in between the layers, that you still have that stuff underneath that’s unstable and torn,” Parkins said.

“Since we’re renovating everything else, it would just be wise to take that out and give the kids a brand-new floor.”

The board also acknowledged receipt of certifications of substantial completion for K&K Plumbing Company Inc. for Phase 9 with a punch list and for G.M. McCrossin for Phase 9 with a punch list.

Also on Tuesday, the board approved a plaque to recognize board members who participated in the renovation project.

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