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Veterans discount program successful in county

by on November 11, 2013 11:00 AM

A 25 percent discount on clothing and new eyeglasses.

Twenty percent off on a restaurant tab and on jewelry purchases.

Ten percent off the cost of auto parts, dry cleaning services, floor coverings and more.

Free chiropractic care for a year after returning to America from military service in a foreign country.

Those are a sampling of the savings military veterans are taking advantage of through Indiana County’s photo identification and veterans discount program.

Nearly 1,000 military vets have now registered for the photo ID and discount program, and the number of businesses offering savings to the card-carrying veterans also continues to grow.

Brenda Stormer, the county’s veterans’ affairs director, said 984 military vets have now signed up under the program launched in the spring of 2012, and 78 businesses are now helping vets save money on purchases.

The Indiana County commissioners, the county’s Veterans Affairs Office, the county’s Recorder of Deeds office and the Indiana County Chamber of Commerce created the program to bring recognition to more military veterans and to expand the number of businesses willing to offer discounts to vets to show appreciation for their service to America.

Many retailers offer various discounts to veterans, but often only to those on active duty, those who are retired from the military and those being supported by a veterans’ hospital. The Indiana County photo ID program is intended to make many more veterans who served honorably eligible for discounts.

Local businesses participating in the veterans discount program include some clothing stores, some restaurants, some pharmacies and other health services, some auto dealers and auto parts stores, some jewelers, a grocery store and more.

The complete list of businesses offering discounts is posted on websites at and The businesses are also listed at VFW and American Legion post homes.

To enroll in the photo ID and discount program a veteran needs only to take his or her DD 214 — a Department of Defense form documenting separation from military service — to the Veterans Affairs office on the second floor of the Indiana County Court House, or have the VA office staff verify electronically that the DD 214 is already on file in the Recorder of Deeds office on the ground floor.

A brief application is then completed that the vet carries to the Recorder of Deeds office.

There the vet’s photo is taken and applied to an ID card that certifies the holder is an honorably discharged military veteran.

There is no fee and the enrollment process takes about 10 minutes.

Merchants and business owners who want to join those offering discounts may contact Stormer at (724) 465-3815.

Randy Wells has been a reporter and staff writer at The Indiana Gazette since 1988. His regular assignments include coverage of the Indiana County commissioners, Indiana Borough council and the Marion Center Area School District. His email address is
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